Terry Adams is a professional flatland BMX rider that has be reshaping the face of his sport since 9 years of age.

Growing up in Hammond, Louisiana Adams was part of a small community and BMX riding was not the norm. Having severe asthma and dyslexia made homeschooling the only option, but looking back Terry doesn’t see this as a hindrance, instead he sees it as giving him the opportunity to ride his bike every day and do what he loves.

As a child, Terry would go through a BMX magazines and pull out all the flatland pages and stick them on his wall and stare at them every day.  He’d say to himself “this is what I want to do for a living, I’m going to be a professional BMX rider”. Two decades later with X Games gold medals and Nora Cup wins under his belt – Terry is known as the ambassador for flatland.

Hurricane Katrina left a lasting impression on Adams, a proud and dedicated Louisianian. In the aftermath of the storm he learned his signature trick and named it “Katrina”, as a tribute to his resilient home state. This is his personal story of Defying Elements and remaining grounded by his Louisiana roots. Terry’s shrewd skill is must see action!


Terry Adams

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