Luke Chambers is an Irish born surfer who has a huge passion for the sea, his surf career began in Northern California in a place called Crescent City when his friends introduced him to surfing, he was instantly hooked. On returning home to Ireland, Luke ordered a winter wet-suit and a board from the UK – he has not looked back since.

“Everything I have is down to falling in love with the sea, my friends, my business and where I live all were found though the love of the ocean.”

Luke has been lucky enough to have traveled the world surfing. He had always dreamed of surfing waves in Indonesia, Fiji, Austrailia, Hawaii and Africa – thanks to his successful surfing career this has become his reality.

Getting to know Luke:

What Inspires you?
An amazing Summer or Winter sunset where the whole sky lights up red makes you realise there is something bigger there than us.

What moment in your life stands out the most? 
There’s a few! Getting to surf all the waves I’ve ever dreamed of surfing, travelling the world and now owning a Surf School. Passing the joy of the sea onto the next generation and seeing them catch their first waves – the stoke on there faces is amazing! Learning to play guitar, it’s great playing and watching the sunset on a cliff. I’m so lucky to be where I am today!

What has been your scariest moment while surfing?
My leash snapping way out to sea in huge surf and I got stuck in a rip. It took me 30 minutes to get to land. I nearly didn’t make the swim in. After that incident during the winters I now train every night swimming.

Favourite Food?
Steak and Irish lamb stew.

Favourite LifeProof Product?
I would have to say my iPhone 5s FRĒ case and the Life Jacket for it. This goes everywhere with me during the summer in the sea. I could be a mile out and its there with me capturing footage for the school.

What was your worst Injury while Surfing?
I would have to say the most painful was breaking my ribs while out surfing. I kicked out the back of a wave as it was closing out I shot in to the air and as I was coming down my board pearled below me, standing up like a spear. The nose was coming straight for my face so I adjusted putting my arm up and it hit me about fifteen centimetres from my arm pit. My full body weight onto the nose of my shortboard was like a knife going through me. I knew straight away from the stabbing pain I was in trouble and had to make it to shore with one arm in solid surf.


Cave of Dreams – Ireland

Cave of Dreams

Luke Chambers

A day is not complete for Luke unless he gets in for a paddle or surf at least once.

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