Team LifeProof skateboarder Lizzie Armanto got into skateboarding in 2007 through her little brother. Being a competitive family, it wasn’t long until the pair were pushing each other to launch new ramps and lay-down new tricks, but as Lizzie progressed much faster than her brother, he dropped out and tried BMX.  The moment she walked into the park, she was drawn to the bowl skaters, to their creativity, the way they flowed and made every movement look effortless. She was the only girl at the park and she was toting an 8-year-old kid. But she didn’t notice that she stood out, her long, brown braid peeking out from beneath her spotless helmet and she honestly didn’t care. She just knew she wanted to skate exactly like the guys she was watching.

“It all looked so simple,” she says. “And when you do it right, it is. That first day, I thought I was going to step on my board, roll down the bank and ride away. But just standing on the board on the flat was hard.”

Since the early days Lizzie has reshaped the face of women’s skateboarding and is widely known as the best skater to ever skate transition. After dominating the women’s circuit Lizzie has moved on to compete in the men’s International Series and has taken home 2 X Games medals, making her the most accomplished female skater on the planet.

Lizzie’s rise to fame hasn’t been a walk in the park, it was grueling…pushing through the torn ligaments, purple fingers, bruised shins and hard slams into concrete time and time again. Over time these slams turned into learning curves for new tricks, this coupled with her passion to be the best in the sport has brought her to be one of the most recognised athletes in skateboarding today.

With over 700K followers on social media Lizzie has become a sensation and role model for aspiring skateboarders all over the world and LifeProof is proud to have her as part of the team.

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Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie is one of the absolute best to ever skate transition!

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