Carro Djupsjo started wakeboarding at the age of 13 when she was taken to the local waterski-club by her dad and after spending that fall in a 3-4 mm wetsuit every weekend, she was hooked. Whenever someone asked Carro what her goal was with wakeboarding at this young age she would respond “To become a professional Wakeboarder and travel the world”. Now ten years later, she’s living her dream and getting to do what she loves, with the people she loves.

Carro puts in tremendous amounts of hard to work to DEFY the limits of wakeboarding becoming the first European female to land a double flip. Check it out here:

Check out Carro DEFY winter as she wakeboards in an icy lake in her homeland, Sweden:

Career Highlights

2015 – Wake Awards – Trick of the Year
2015 – European Champion
2015 – 3rd at the World Cup Mandurah, Australia
2014 – 3rd at the world Cup Mandurag, Australia
2014 – European Champion
2014 – European Female Rider of the year
2013 – 3rd at the World Wakeboard Championships Busan, South Korea
2011 – European Champion
2010 – European Female Rider of the year
2010 – European Champion

Supported by

LifeProof, Monster Energy. Hyperlite Wakeboards, Betsafe and Xtravel


Carro Djupsjo

"Being a competitive athlete is both challenging and exciting and my wakeboarding has taken me places and taught me things I never could’ve imagined"

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