Brendan Fairclough is arguably the biggest influencer and trend setter in the modern Down Hill and Gravity Mountain Bike scene. Known as the most well rounded rider around he can hang tough in the biggest free style events like Red Bull Rampage and still tear the down hill tracks apart.

Known worldwide for his unique style that has captivated the down hill fan base, Fairclough’s natural ability and bike control make him one of the most exciting riders to watch.

After a serious knee surgery in late 2011 Brendan has come back with a blast, surprising everyone at how quickly he rose to the top once again.

Check out Brendogs knarly run from Red Bull Rampage 2014:

Career Highlights:
2015 – 1st Pearce Cycles, Kinsham
2015 – 1st GP Honey, Hollycombe
2014 – 1st Swiss Cup, Lenzerheide
2014 – 3rd Crankwork, Lee 2 Alpes
2013 – 1st Rogate Downhill, Rogate
2013 – 3rd Saracen BDS
2012 – 1st Altius Events – Down Hill Taxco
2012 – 1st iXS European Cup
2012 – 3rd Halo BDS
2011 – 1st Vigo Bike Contest
2010 – 3rd UCI World Cup, Champery
2010 – 1st Halo BDS, Llangollen
2010 – 1st Diablo Bike park US Open, Diable Freeride
2010 – 3rd UCI World Cup, Maribor
2010 – 1st Welsh Series, Llangollen
2010 – 3rd Pearce Cycles, Bringewood

Brendan Fairclough

"Keep your eyes on the prize!"

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