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Right here on Unleashed we’re going to be sharing stories of adventure from our followers and LifeProof users. We’ll be telling stories of what drives people to get out into the wild and explore the unknown, push their limits and share proof. Stories from the extreme to the every day with a LifeProof case being put to the test in its natural environment.

First up in our story is from Flavia Mueller:

I Adventure to be! I could not be without adventure, even in daily life there are many adventures. I am little daredevil though, I love to try new things, go hiking steep mountains, sleep under the stars, go paragliding or sailing, jump around in the rain, climb down into narrow caves – and I feel great knowing I’ll never have to worry about my phone protected by LifeProof. I get to be outdoors (my favorite place on earth)

To be part of the story then share your stories on social media with the #WeAreLifeProof to be featured. We’ll have prize packs up for grabs so get sharing.

Photo Credit: Flavia Mueller

Alan Lund

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