The Ultimate US Road Trip

We’ve hit the highway in the USA with two of the most adventurous chicks, Jennifer (@jenniferyih) and Catherine (@catherineaeppel), who embark on a spontaneous road trip across the East, discovering unique spots that only locals would know. Kitted out with a fully loaded Sprinter and their LifeProof cases, the best friend duo are ready for every adventure that van life will throw their way.

Van life is a cultural phenomenon. For this pair, home will be where they park it, living a life free from the tyranny of a 9 – 5 job. Opening up a whole new world of escapism and adventure – we’ll be sharing exclusive insights with you through our Instagram @lifeproof_europe. We’ll have weekly updates on where the pair have been and maybe even have a competition or two thrown in for good measure. The pair will be hiking, rafting, rocking and rolling and sharing proof with their LifeProof protected devices.

The trip commences in Colorado as our daring duo heads East to uncover hidden wonders in a custom-built van. Their journey will cover more than 20 states as they seek out those hidden gems.

Follow along as the pair plan out what will be the perfect road trip itinerary for eastern US. We’ll even publish the full route in the end for you guys to get planning your own adventure.

Share any of your Van Life experiences below in the comments section below or tag @lifeproof_europe on Instagram.



Alan Lund

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