The Rise Of Ultra Running

With the rise of events like ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships, it’s difficult not to feel the rush of chasing an epic challenge. We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of athletes competing in Ultra Running, chasing the next medal for their trophy wall. Today we give you the low down on what these events are about and how best to go about your preparation.

Ultra Marathons are races that are longer than 26.2 miles by definition but in the real world they tend to be 50 or 100 mile races. These grueling races aren’t for the faint hearted, they require a stringent training regime and at least one full year of dedicated training to be in peak condition for the starting line. These races are more about pushing the human mind further than it believes the body can go, they’re about getting into nature and pushing yourself to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how grueling the race.

So right now you’re either itching to know how to get involved or else you’re thinking what crazy person would put themselves through this level of human endurance.  If you feel ready to try a race for yourself we’d recommend finding a local coach and building your training plan together, this feature is simply the beginning.

To kick off your prep, you need to hit the ground running!  Get moving on your feet as much as possible, this can include hours of running but time on your feet is vital, rather than clocking up significant mileage. In theory you should be spending as much time on your feet each week as you would during your race. This can including running, walking the dog, hiking or simply cutting the lawn. The quicker you expect to complete the race the more of these hours that should be dedicated to running. Some racers run about 35 miles per week while others may only put down 15 miles, it depends on your personal goals.  Link with your trainer and build a plan (including nutrition) that suits you.

Track each of your workouts through apps like Map My Run or Strava, all of which can be used on your phone while protected with a LifeProof adventure proof case.

For some inspiration for getting into Ultra Running checkout the This Is Your Day Trailer documented by The North Face.

This Is Your Day’ is a universal story about the power of the human body, the will of the mind, and the importance of the human connection, told through the perspective of team ultrarunner Rob Krar and his devoted team.

Alan Lund

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