Be Living Proof – Our Top 48 Hour Adventures

Those epic adventures are all around you and the summer is the perfect time to seek them out. Immersing yourself in discovery isn’t only for the weekend, whether your time off is at the weekend or during the week it’s all the same, you have no excuse not to plan your next trip with friends or family. Be it a hike in the local woods, weekend excursion kayaking through the Norweigan Fjords or, if you’re feeling a bit more extreme, para-gliding from Tabletop mountain in South Africa! If you can imagine it, we’re pretty sure there is a way to do it! There’s something there for every budget and time-line all you need is some creativity and forward planning. We’re here to plant the seed by sharing two of our favourite adventures every month. Take the locations with a pinch of salt as we’re sure you’ll be able to plan something closer to home using similar activities. Be sure to make your phone adventure ready with one of our waterproof, shock proof, dirt proof and snow proof LifeProof phone cases. Onto the adventures…

Cycling Lake Geneva

This cycle weaves its way through the hidden gem of a trail around Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the routes can range from 5km all the way up to the full loop of close to 500km. Now, we don’t expect you to complete the full route in one weekend but we’re sure you’ll get a nice taster of the route over a couple of days. The route is marked as Route 46 or Tour du Leman. The great thing about this route is that you’ll pass by many railway stations and can hop on and off to ensure you see the best views and this will save a lot of climbing. The planning is easy for this trip as there are many bike rental locations and accommodation available ranging from hostels to 5 star hotels or if you are up for a real adventure you can wild camp.  Check out some of the incredible sights that you’ll take in here.

Raft and Hike in Bosnia

Former Yugoslavian territory Bosnia is a key part of Europe’s newest through hike, Via Dinarica and offers some of the world most beautiful locations. This time around we’re talking about the Zupa Valley which is a little piece of paradise. You’ll climb a castle-topped peak, explore the Rakitnica River canyon and relax around Baracko Lake. You might need to make this trip a long weekend though as you wont want to leave after the weekend. Check out some of the pictures below for inspiration.


What adventures have you been on over or are inspired by? Share in the comments section below.


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