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Travel broadens your horizons and offers fresh, furious lines to conquer. Episode 2 of the LifeProof presented Deathgrip Diaries has dropped, in this episode you’ll see a sneak peak into some of the incredible locations the film takes you to. Mountain biking has brought Brendan literally all over the world and Deathgrip is a lovechild between mountain biking and the documentary series Planet Earth, Clay and Brendan have brought together their years of experience and knowledge to create what is set to be the biggest mountain biking movie of 2017.

With big excursions and remote locations like this, come with it a lot of challenging situations and as Clay says “film making is problem solving”. From getting their 4×4 stuck in mud, all the way to losing track of lines and hunting for them with drones, this episode offers a great insight what it really takes to make this type of magic.


We sat down with Clay and Brendan for a short Q&A to offer a deeper insight into this episode:

Brendan Fairclough

Q. What was your favourite location to ride and what was the most unique location ye filmed in?

Bren. The best  section to ride would have to be the jump liner i built in Madeira. It just worked out so well and we have some amazing sessions on it. Months of planning and building payed off big time with that one. Would have to say the most unique would be Utah, that place is like no other place on earth. closes place to the moon i think il ever come and to have the chance to ride there was insane. 

Q. How do you find adapting your riding to the new locations, is it a challenge or something you love?

Bren. Find it easy actually. The bike is always there same and its my job to race downhill bikes around the world in different locations every week so adjusting to these locations that i have mainly built myself was easy. 

Q. Any hairy moments to share from the locations you rode in?

Bren. Plenty from all, to make a film like this and have it look like i wanted ear have to push the boundaries of filming and our riding and pushing the boundaries of riding involves lots of hairy moments. 


Clay Porter 

Q. What was it like working on DEATHGRIP movie, is the result what you were expecting?

Clay. Working on Deathgrip was really challenging and a lot of hard work but ultimately super fun and rewarding. The end result is definitely in line with my vision from the start so I think the result is what I was expecting.

Q. Did you have any challenges filming in all of these remote locations with all of the riders?

Clay. Yes. We had tons of challenges. Weather, cancelled flights, dealing with customs officers, equipment not working, drones not working, drones crashing. I could go on and on. If it was easy, more people would create films like this. We are crazy. Any normal, sensible person wouldn’t take on a project of this magnitude. You have to be willing to really grind yourself to pull off a production of this scale in the locations we went to.

Q. What location stood out for you as the best on camera?

Clay. Madeira is the only location that is featured twice in the film so I think that would have to take the cake for me. It was a Jurassic Park like landscape set against the Atlantic Ocean. A truly magical place.

Q. What was your favourite moment while filming DEATHGRIP?

Clay. That’s a super tricky one to narrow down. There was so many amazing moments during the course of the production but I would have to say for me it would have had to have been getting the chance to work with and shoot with one of my filmmaking idols Ty Evans during the Utah shoot.


Stay tuned for the launch of the next Deathgrip Diaries dropping this time next week. DEATHGRIP Movie will drop on the 30th may, we’ll keep you uptodate over on Facebook.


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