The Split Boarding Revolution

It’s been around for well over 7 years now, but we’re now seeing split boards more and more in everyday use. Generally new boards tend to be gimmicks, they come and go as quickly as the idea was created. But not split boards, they seem to have created a common ground between snowboarders and alpine ski adventurers.  We’re happy to see they’re here to stay.

Allowing snowboarders to pack lighter as they climb mountains to reach fresh powder and still carve back down on a snowboard, the Split Board truly is the key to the back country. Think of it as an evolved snow shoe without the extra pack weight. For skiers they offer the opportunity to really give snowboarding a go, while still being able to enjoy back country exploration.

There are a plethora of split-board styles coming out every year and new brands hitting the market, but no one has led the revolution better than K2. Pushing the boundaries further than any, they have picked up their team to road trip across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, putting their latest split board gear to the test, truly pushing the sport to new levels. Watch this space for the hottest highlights!

If you haven’t tried split boarding and you’re tired of busy ski lifts, now is your chance to break free, to unleash your remarkable on the back-county.

Be safe while in the back country and ensure that you always have your phone to hand, protected by a LifeProof FRĒ case.

Photo Credit: Sam Strauss

Alan Lund

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