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Deathgrip is a different breed of mountain bike film. From renowned director Clay Porter, comes a unique collaboration with Brendan Fairclough – one of the sport’s biggest and most recognisable superstars – and the “Elite Squad,” mountain bike’s dream team of hard-charging innovators like Brandon Semenuk, Josh Bryceland and Sam Hill – the game changers. Porter, Fairclough and friends live on the bleeding edge of progression,  advancing the sport and what is thought to be possible each and every day. Deathgrip will unite this unique collection of riding and film-making talent to take the sport to places it’s never been, setting the bar for the rest to chase for years to come.

LifeProof is proud to present the Deathgrip Diaries. This four part series will delve into the highs and the lows of the movie and get your blood pumping for the release on the 30th of May. Brendan and Clay’s dream with the movie is for you to watch 10 minutes and then go tear up your local track on your bike and then when you fall off come back and watch the rest of the movie. It’s filmed to excite and get your blood pumping. The Home Front the first of four behind the scenes episodes called Deathgrip Diaries does just that. Check out the full clip in the header and read on below to see our interview with Olly Wilkins.

The Home Front is an action packed look into Brendog and teams love for the Surrey Hills, UK and a taster of the whacky friendship Brendog and Olly Wilkins have. To delve deeper into this we’ve sat down with Olly for a quick interview to delve deeper into what makes this friendship tick.

Olly Wilkins 

Q. What do you love most about mountain biking?

A. Well all of my favourite experiences, people, and memories are from riding. It’s hard to pick one thing I like. Perhaps bottom bracket standards? That might be my favourite actually. 


Q. How do you balance your role as brand manager at DMR and ripping with your mates? It sounds like the dream job for any mountain biker.

A. I balance it with ease and grace. Check my Insta stories for proof.


Q. How did you meet Brendog and what makes you best mates?

A. I met him through racing when he was in novice and I was in youth category. I mainly hang out with him out of sympathy. 


Q. What is it that you enjoy about ripping it with Bren in the Surrey Hills?

A. Those hills are the best. We’ve got knee deep Loam and a hell of a crew. It’s the best times I can have on a bike and it’s right on my doorstep. Makes you feel very lucky. 


Q. Can you share one of your favourite moments together, be that cringe or epic?

A. Too many to pick out one but each Rampage I feel pretty proud to be mates with that ****. Don’t tell him though. 


Q. What’s it like to be on the crew with Brendog for Rampage? Is it even crazier to see in person?

A. It’s a wild experience and I wouldn’t wanna send him down that mountain without giving him a helping hand. It’s more of a team effort than comes across I think. His lines are always as wild as they come!


Q. What was it like to be part of  Deathgrip Movie?

A. It’s more than the dream. It doesn’t seem long ago that we were watching movies and dreaming of starring in them. I’m blown away that my friends have managed to make it happen and couldn’t be happier that they let me stink up a few minutes of one of their biggest achievements. Big thanks Clay and Bren. You’re the best. 

Stay tuned for part 2 coming the same time next week.

Alan Lund

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