Remarkable Women | International Women’s Day

To celebrate “International Women’s Day” we’re sharing stories from our top female athletes. Each of them has a passion, talent and vision that has reshaped her sport. They stand as heroes, set to inspire future generations of female athletes, choosing to be exceptional and unleash their remarkable. As a sneak peak into the week ahead, you will get an insight into the passion, drive and challenges that have brought Carro Djupsjo, Maud Le Car, Sandra Lahnsteiner, Christy Prior and Lizzie Armanto to the peak of their powers in their respective fields.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or on a never-ending journey to find the perfect wave/ snow fall, these stories are here to inspire you to get out and unleash your remarkable. To build the excitement, check out some of our favourite videos from these ladies as they do what they do best!

Carro Djupsjo – First European female rider to land a double flip


Sandra Lahnsteiner – Directing and shredding in the Shades of Winter Movie Series


Maud Le Car – Enjoying the beach life in California while training for the world series

Christy Prior – Enjoying the freedom on non-contest riding and hitting the line she wants

Lizzie Armanto – Talking about her future dreams for women’s skateboarding


Stay tuned for more news from these inspiring women.



Alan Lund

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