Luc Ackermann Returns to NIGHT of the JUMPs

The 4th Round of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship kicked off in Krakow last weekend. With over 10,000 spectators watching, Team LifeProof star Luc Ackermann made his come back after a 6 month break due to a femur injury. What a show it was!


The Polish flag was represented by the local rider, Marcin Lukaszczyk. The Diverse rider has been pushing to make the final round of NIGHT of the JUMPs in Poland for many years. Despite increasing his level of tricks, it was still not enough for him to make it this time.

In the Freestyle contest, everyone was hyped to see the comeback of Luc Ackermann and see what he could deliver after such a long break. Of course, he returned in serious style. Landing his Egg Roll, Flair, Surfer Tsunami Flip and California Roll, the young German lifted the roof on the Tauron Arena and ending up in 1st Place at the end of Qualifying.

Melero also landed his Flair, which he boosted out of the quarter pipe, but didn’t bring the Body Varial while also making a mistake with his Cordova Flip. This combination resulted in the World Champion sitting in 2nd for Qualifying in front of his compatriot Dany Torres, who brought his own Egg Roll. Rinaldo didn’t bring his Body Varials and finished in 4th before the final round. Filip Podmol on the other hand had a massive run, finishing with his California Roll, securing his first ever position in the Top 6 Final with Pat Bowden taking the last spot into the finals.  Filip’s older brother, Libor Podmol was lucky to even ride after surgery on his hand, but he took away 9th Place points which could prove to be valuable in the World Championship season at the end of the year.

The Top 6 final was always about chasing down Luc’s incredible qualifying run. Pat Bowden landed his huge Hart and Double Hart Flips, while Filip Podmol landed a Hart Flip and California Roll. In the end, the Australian would overtake the Czech rider and take 5th overall. Dany Torres amazed the crowd with a Double Grab flip over the 11 metre Superkicker while also utilising both quarter pipes for the Egg Roll and Flair. In the end, this was only enough for fourth place.

David Rinaldo also returned to competition after missing the two Berlin rounds with an illness, but made up for it by starting his run with a California Roll and finishing with a clean Double Hart Flip. The former 2013 World Champion made his way back to the podium. Maikel Melero had to bring all of his big tricks to make sure he would get to the top of the podium including his California Roll, Nac Flair, Seat Grab Flip and more. Luc Ackermann was the last rider and he brought a run full of his ‘Best Tricks’ such as the Nac 360, Surfer Tsunami Flip, Seat Grab Flip, Flair and California Roll. A small mistake on the landing cost the German the victory. Still, he was incredibly satisfied with the third place with his comeback and showed an impressive return to the World Championships after a 6 month road to recovery. Luc is now feeling stronger than ever and feels like he is in a better spot to compete for the podium than ever before.

With the third win in four World Championship rounds of 2017, Maikel Melero is expanding his lead in the overall ranking. Currently Melero is sitting on top with 76 points. His closest opponent is Libor Podmol in second with 55 points and Pat Bowden in third place with 54 points.

Check out all the results here:

Results NIGHT of the JUMPs – Final

  1. Maikel Melero ESP RFME            Yamaha         440 Points
  2. David Rinaldo FRA FFM              Yamaha         424 Points
  3. Luc Ackermann GER DMSB           Husqvarna     413 Points
  4. Dany Torres ESP RFME            KTM              402 Points
  5. Pat Bowden AUS MA               Yamaha         377 Points
  6. Filip Podmol CZE ACCR            Yamaha         353 Points
Results Qualification
  1. Luc Ackermann GER DMSB           Husqvarna     362 Points
  2. Maikel Melero ESP RFME            Yamaha         350 Points
  3. Dany Torres ESP RFME            KTM              348 Points
  4. David Rinaldo FRA FFM              Yamaha         347 Points
  5. Filip Podmol CZE ACCR            Yamaha         334 Points
  6. Pat Bowden AUS MA               Yamaha         333 Points
  7. Leonardo Fini ITA PZM              KTM              313 Points
  8. Brice Izzo FRA FFM              Yamaha         293 Points
  9. Libor Podmol CZE ACCR            Yamaha         272 Points
  10. Marcin Lukasczyk POL PZM              Yamaha         227 Points
  11. Matej Cesak CZE ACCR            KTM              224 Points


Results Best Whip Contest

  1. Filip Podmol CZE ACCR            Yamaha
  2. Pat Bowden AUS MA               Yamaha


Maxxis Highest-Air

  1. Massimo Bianconcini ITA PZM              KTM              8,50 Meter
  2. Brice Izzo FRA FFM              Yamaha         8,00 Meter

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