Every Damn Weekend | Searching For Powder

The Snow Pro team at Every Damn Weekend have been on the search for fresh white pow pow again. Their expedition didn’t quite begin as expected, they took off for Punta Vittoria, Italy at a height of 3,435m.  This destination is at such an altitude that it normally guarantees snow, but not this time! The team faced a tough decision; to abandon ship and hike down disheartened, or push on with a sense of adventure!  Check out the serious lack of snow that the team were faced with. Would you turn back?

Being a team that live and breathe the “Living Proof” mantra, they pushed forward. After a few turns of the mountain, they began to notice some fresh snow on the slopes above Malfatta. Even with the daunting prospect of another 10km towards Alagna, the hope of snow drove them forward. Theirs was one of the classic routes on Monte Rosa, which is usually packed with powder seekers, but thanks to the low lying clouds the route was clear.  How idyllic are the conditions above the clouds (shown below)?  The team made the right choice in deciding to push ahead and to be Living Proof.

After reaching Alagna, the snow coverage was epic! There was thick, fresh powder all the way down. The guys ripped some big turns with a completely free mountain ahead.  Even with the long hike back down the mountain  it was all worthwhile: “It is these beautiful moments of exploration that make what we do special.”

Stay tuned for the next Living Proof adventure with Every Damn Weekend.  Where will their next expedition take us?


Alan Lund

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