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For many of us, the best camera we carry around on a daily basis is our mobile phone. When your phone is protected by a LifeProof case, it transforms into your adventure camera, ready to capture those perfect moments when your dSLR or action camera is packed away in your backpack. For some inspiration and to show you what your phone is truly capable of, check out our three favourite shots from the mobile category of the 2016 Red Bull Illume contest right here:

1: Vegard Assen – HUAWEI P8
Photographer: Vegard Aasen Red Bull Illume 2016 Category: Mobile Location: Hakuba, Japan

“This winter, some friends and I went to Hakuba in Japan to ski some deep powder and big mountains. The day this shot was taken was a really windy one but the snow was still really good, so we went out into the backcountry. One of my friends brought his dSLR camera, so I decided to not bring my camera because I wanted to ski instead of taking photos.”

We hiked for a while, and discovered a group hiking across the ridge above us. The wind and the clouds looked amazing, so my friend took out his camera and started shooting. I hated myself for not bringing my camera. Luckily, I had my mobile phone in my pocket. I could not see anything on the screen, but obviously managed to aim pretty well.” Vegard Aasen on his Red Bull Illume entry.

2. Anthony Favennec – Xiaomi Mi3 

Photographer Credit: Anthony Favennec / Red Bull Illume
Athlete: Sylvan Masson
Location: Morlaix, France

“I shot this photo with my Xiaomi Mi3, I’m really amazed with the picture quality of this one.

The shot doesn’t show it, but to obtain the perfect angle for the picture I had to deal with a billy goat named Brad who charged me from my right side! The result is the perfect representation of northern Brittany’s ambiance at this time of year.” Anthony Favennec on his Red Bull Illume entry.

3. Satchel Cronk – iPhone 5s
Photographer Credit: Satchel Cronk / Red Bull Illume 2016 Athlete: Charlie Cronk

“For me, sunrise rides often feel like a special secret shared amongst a few committed souls. Yet for those willing to brave that early alarm and the heavy fatigue that seems to drag on your eyes as you get your gear together, it’s a magical time. It seems as if each time I convince myself to go to the trail before dawn breaks on the horizon, I am rewarded with some sort of special moment of meaningful introspection or quiet beauty.

Such was the case on this winter morning as my dad and I ventured out into the fog for a spin before work. Fatigue was cast into memory as the brisk morning air reddened our cheeks and we climbed through a misty forest. We reached the top as sunlight began to steadily thin the morning fog, then turned our wheels back down the damp trail. I led the descent, and after just a few exhilarating corners, rounded a bend and came upon this magnificent light show”

I didn’t have my DSLR with me that day, so I pulled over and used my phone to capture my dad as he descended towards me through the ethereal landscape; a special sunrise secret shared by us that day.” – Satchel Cronk on his Red Bull Illume entry.

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Header Photo Credit: Sam Strauss


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