Living Proof – Daniel Ernst – Q&A Part 2

Currently being showcased in our Living Proof adventures is German Adventure Photographer, Daniel Ernst. From a young age Daniel had a passion for the outdoors and wished to spend as much time as possible exploring and sharing these amazing locations with the world. Hailing from Frankfurt, Daniel now has over 400,000 people following his journeys on Instagram. We teamed up with Daniel to send him on an epic road trip through the wildest locations in Germany and Switzerland to push our FRE for iPhone 7 to the limit. Learn more about how Daniel frames pictures on his iPhone 7 in part 2 of our Q&A.

You’ve got some killer photos on your profile, what would you describe your style as?

It’s a mix between landscape and lifestyle photography. I like to put people into landscapes to give them a scale. I always try to trigger a feeling or a desire in the viewer to make him/her go there as well or go outdoors.

How has your year been treating you so far? What have you been working on?

My year is going great so far! At the beginning of the year, I made the step to being self-employed and I cannot complain.

What single photography moment has given you the biggest smile?

Arriving at Kvalvika Beach in Norway during a long and cold hike in winter with a really heavy backpack. When we got there, we pitched our tent and started a campfire. At that moment, the sun came through and we all just stood there silently, enjoying the landscape and we all thought that it was worth the struggle of getting here.

How does your LifeProof-protected phone fit into your photography experience? Explain a bit about your process when shooting with your phone from framing through to editing?

I just started using my phone to capture shots when my DSLR is packed away in my bag, or the situation doesn’t allow me to use my big camera. Framing happens exactly like on my DSLR, although I see myself using portrait orientation more on my phone. With the current phones, I can even edit my photos almost similar to the ones from my camera, so I just apply my presets and I have my final image.

What are your favourite apps and why?

Of course Instagram. I love the community aspect and meeting people that I would never have met without it. Plus sharing my photography with a large audience, motivating and inspiring people is something great!

Where is on your list to shoot next?

Next I’m going to the cold countries, like the Faroe Island and Iceland. But high on my list for 2017 is Patagonia and New Zealand.

What advice would you give someone looking to become an adventure photographer?

Try to be authentic, go on some adventure and start documenting it, that is probably the best start to get into it. Of course you should know how to handle your camera!


Follow the full adventure on @lifeproof_europe where we are sharing images from Daniel Ernst’s road trip.

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