World Kiteboarding League 2016 – Finals Re-Cap

The LifeProof-sponsored World Kiteboarding League Final took place on the paradise island that is New Caledonia over the past week. The world’s best athletes took to the perfect waters to compete for their place in the World Rankings. Only Bruna Kajiva had a secured her place coming into the finals. Other than that, everything was down to the wire and open for a last-minute battle.

Rounds 3 & 4 

Over the weekend, both the male and female riders competed in Round 3 and 4 to secure their places in the final. The first heat featured Alex Pastor of Spain, Team LifeProof rider Youri Zoon of The Netherlands dominate. Both riders went back and forth from 1st position to 2nd position by landing KGB5s, 317s, Backside 7s and Heart Attack 5s, but it was Youri who managed to edge his way to the top and take the win. Joining them in the final is Carlos Mario, Marc Jacobs and Set Teixeira.

The battle in the Women’s contest was incredible. We saw Bruna Kajiya battle it out with Annabel Van Westerop, but it was Bruna who took the lead with a strong Front to Blind. Both secured their places in the finals ahead of the other riders. Taking a place in the final along side them was Hannah Whitel and Paula Novotna.


Coming into the final round, Carlos Mario had secured his place as the World Champion, but it was still down to the wire for all the other riders to claim 2nd and 3rd place. Carlos wasn’t ready to let Youri take over the show and he threw down the round of a lifetime to score the highest score ever recorded in a competition which, in turn, secured his top spot in the World Rankings. Biting at his heels, Youri Zoon claimed a strong 2nd place to secure his 2nd place in the overall World Rankings. 3rd pace was claimed by Brazilian Set Teixeira.

Men’s Rankings: 

1st: Carlos Mario

2nd: Youri Zoon

3rd: Set Teixeira


Rising up the rankings early on in the 2016 Championships, Bruna Kajiva had nothing to worry about in the final, but again she was not ready to let the contest get ahead of her. She lay down a strong run as she secured a final victory. While talking to the press, Bruna said “I’m looking to bring the sport to new levels, I’ll always bring my best”.
Womens Rankings:

1st – Bruna Kajiya

2nd – Annabel Van Westerop

3rd – Hannah Whiteley


Watch the live stream from the finals right here.

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All Photos By:  Svetlana Romantsova Photography

Alan Lund

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