Living Proof with the Sizoo Brothers

Next up in our Living Proof Adventures are the hottest adventure photography trio in The Netherlands; The Sizoo Brothers. The talented Bastiaan, Willem and Bob, have been killing it on Instagram as they explore some of the most spectacular sights on the planet.  What makes them unique is their creative collaboration and ability to capture each location in their own very different way. It is almost a rivalry between the brothers, they push eachother to the always take their work to the next level, adventuring and capturing each location through their unique style.

Bastiaan, the oldest of the brothers, was awarded ‘National Geographic Junior Photographer of the Year’ and inspired his two brothers to take up photography for themselves. Over the years, each Sizoo has developed his own style, which shines through every time. The guys don’t know how to explain their work but it’s fair to say that it simply speaks for them.

“We all have different styles. Not sure how I would describe it but it’s adventure mixed with nature.” – Sizoo Brothers 

As part of the Living Proof Adventure series, the Sizoo Brothers explored the raw beauty of the landscape around Chamonix, France, equipped with LifeProof FRĒ for iPhone 7. Their exploration was affected by extreme weather conditions, but they still got their fill of WOW moments.  Watch this space and follow their Living Proof adventure on the Sizoo Brothers’ Instagram profiles.  Be sure to check out each brother’s feed to see the full ‘picture’.  They will not disappoint.

 Willem Sizoo

Isle of Skye, Scotland COORDINATES 57°21'42.84"N, 6°14'50.17"W. For 2 weeks, photographer @pie_aerts Aerts, drove around the Isle of Skye in a campervan together with his good friend and journalist Hans Roozekrans. Driving, hiking and wild camping all day, every day, experiencing the magic this small island has to offer. “I’ve been hearing many things about Scottish weather, especially in fall season, but shiny, calm and sunny haven’t been any of them”. Obviously, they were lucky. Opening the door of their campervan each morning, finding themselves deserted under a perfect blue Scottish sky looking out at spectacular cliffs or lush green valleys. Let alone, that on every corner you feel like William Wallace shows up any time. “On Skye each morning was a gift, the landscapes are so divers and the autumn colors breathtaking. With names like The Fairy Pools, The Quiraing, The Fairy Bridge, Dunvegan Castle and The Old Man of Storr written on Skye’s map, you can imagine that on this little island fairytales do come true”. This photograph is the front cover of the book Depart shot by Photographer Pie Aerts from The Netherlands, @pie_aerts. Pie is one of the 25 photographers in the book Depart that is now avaiable at @mendobooks. Click the link in my bio for more info.

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Bastiaan Sizoo

Quite a view

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Bob Sizoo 

Rocky coastline of zandfontein

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Header Photo Credit: Sizoo Brothers

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