Living Proof with Maud Le Car | Q&A Part 2

First up in our Living Proof Adventures is professional French Surfer – Maud Le Car. Maud can be seen ripping it up in the World Surf League, showing off one of the most radical and aggressive forms of riding on the scene at the moment. With a “Go Big or Go Home” attitude, we can guarantee that you will be awed by her sheer skill.

Growing up on the small island of Saint Martin in the French Caribbean, Maud was exposed to the ocean daily and developed a deep love for the sea at a young age. Check out Part 2 of our interview with Maud below, to learn more about the challenges of her 2016 season and how she plans to come back stronger than ever in 2017.

What has been the toughest experience in your surfing career?

The 2016 season was the toughest experience I have had in my surfing career: I started the year by wining the first two events and it really felt like I had significantly improved my surfing and wanted the qualification so bad, but I couldn’t find my way in the other contests throughout the year.  As a result, I finished in a really poor position at the end of the season and didn’t qualify… I couldn’t understand how I didn’t bring my level to those events and why I was doing so badly. It was hard for me to accept this situation, to stand up and train harder for the upcoming season.  Through this tough time, I learned so much about myself and the real lessons of life.

Do you use your phone to support your training and surfing?

Yes I do specially for my training to chronometer my sessions, listening to motivating music while I am training, checking the forecasts or text a friend to go surf. Now that my phone is protected by a LifeProof FRĒ for iPhone 7‘ I don’t have to worry while I push my limits.

What are your favourite apps and why?

Magicseaweed  because they are always right on the forecast of the waves.

Samsara to chronometer my training and yoga sessions.

Instagram to keep update of what are my friends up too and share my story with you guys.

Do you have any tips for taking photos with your iPhone?

Light is your friend 🙂 Always try the have the maximum light in the objective when you are taking pictures. The rest is down to having a good eye.

What are your big goals for the 2017 season?

Qualify for the World tour by being in the Top 7 of the World Qualification series.

Is there anything you’re training hard to improve for the new season?

I am training hard to be more powerful and fast next season and bring some new innovative maneuvers to the competition.

Where is your favourite place to surf?

There are so many good places for surfing but it depends on the swells.  I think I will choose France because Hossegor has the best beach breaks I ever surfed and the crowd is OK especially when it’s cold, you can surf perfect waves with no one in the water, just your friends. For me, that’s the perfect combo 🙂

What drew you to move to France after growing up on a tropical island? Is the surf better here?

I moved from St Martin Island when I was 15 years old to go to Biarritz to join the Pole France in Bayonne to train and to complete my school exams as the same time. I gave myself a chance to become a professional surfer by moving from my island and competing against the best female surfers in world, all to improve my surfing. If I had stayed in Saint Martin, I would never have become a professional surfer.

So I made this decision to put all chance by my side and live my dream : to become a professional surfer.

The surf is better in France.  In Saint Martin we have only two surfing spots with difficult access, long paddle and long wild walk, in France the level is higher more innovative and motivating to improve in a competitive way and the waves are more fun too.

What beach in France is your favourite spot to carve?

My favorite spot in France is in Seignosse. Waves are firing and so much fun.

Do you take part in any outdoor activities in France? What are your favourite locations?

In France I do a lot of VTT bike. I love to bike in the Forest in Les Landes with my boyfriend and hike in the Basque country on the mountain of La Rhune.

Any advice for someone looking to begin their surfing journey?

A little morning stretch, sunscreen and your smile : ready to enjoy the ride 🙂


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