Living Proof with Maud Le Car | Q&A Part 1

First up in our Living Proof Adventures is professional French Surfer – Maud Le Car. Maud can be seen ripping it up in the World Surf League, showing off one of the most radical and aggressive forms of riding on the scene at the moment. With a “Go Big or Go Home” attitude, we can guarantee that you will be in awe at her skill.

Growing up on the small island of Saint Martin within the French Caribbean, Maud was exposed to the ocean daily and developed an attachment at a young age. Check out Part 1 of our interview with Maud to learn more about her passion and love of her sport.

Q. What is your earliest memory of surfing?

I can remember exactly the first wave I took. I started surfing at the age of 12 at my local spot of Le Galion in Saint Martin Island (French Caribbean) where I was born and raised. The feeling of gliding on the water and riding a wave was incomparable to everything I had done before and it was obvious to me that I would have a future on the water.

Q. Was there anyone in the surfing world that you looked up to or were inspired by?

I come from a tiny island where the surf culture is not at all developed and I had always been inspired by the ocean itself and always push my own limits to improve everyday, to be the best I can be.

Q. Was there a moment when you knew you wanted surfing to be your life?

Since the first wave and the feeling the ocean offered me on that ride, I knew I wanted surfing to become my whole life.

Q. What do you love about surfing? What makes you get up every morning and grab your board?

I love being in the ocean, it’s the only place on earth where I feel myself and can be part of something bigger in connection with the nature.

I can’t get enough of this connection and that is what makes me want to get up early everyday, grab my board and embrace the ride that the ocean offers me.

Q. How would you describe your surfing style?

I love to go radical and attack the wave. Always push my limits, because for me, the more thrills I get, the more fun I have !

Q. Can you explain the feeling you have when you catch a wave?

When I am on a wave it’s like time is stopping. I am just free to be myself, enjoying and be in the present moment without thinking to anything else. It’s pure joy!

Q. How was surfing affected your life?

Surfing brings me so much joy and gratitude for the beauty and amazing world we are living it.

Q. How do you spend your time when the surf is low?

I love to do sports like running, hiking, bike or yoga or go for an arty afternoon painting on my surfboards.

Q. Surfing is hugely demanding on your body, how do you stay fit? Do you have a training regime that you live by or a training style?

I train physically 4 to 5 times by week with my personal trainer. we’ve been working together for the past two years and I am a fanatic of sports like running , biking or hiking. I just love to keep active even if I’m not in the water. I also love healthy food and avoid transformed or fast food because I think the better the ingredients that you give your body the better the performance it will give you.

Q. On the other hand surfing is mentally demanding, how do you train to cope?

I just try to be focus on my priorities and bring 100 % of myself and always the maximum into my training and competitions.

Q. How do you keep your body fueled while on such a busy schedule?

Even on busy schedule I always take the time for a healthy meal to refuel my body and drink a lot of water. Hydration is the key to keep energy in your body.


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