Living Proof Adventures | Sizoo Brothers Q&A Part 1

The talented Bastiaan, Willem and Bob Sizoo have been killing it on Instagram as they explore some of the most spectacular sights on the planet.  What makes them unique is their creative collaboration and ability to capture each location in their own very different way. It is almost a rivalry between the brothers, they push each other to the always take their work to the next level, adventuring and capturing each location through their unique style.

We sent them on an adventure of a lifetime to Chamonix, France to explore the winter wonderland, to get to know a bit more about the brothers check out part 1 of our Q&A with Bob, Willem and Bastiaan.

What drew you to adventure photography?

Our oldest brother @bastiaansizoo always used to take photos while he was super young. He won multiple competitions such as the National Geographic Junior photographer. We picked up the passion because of him, but it really started when we created our Instagram pages and had people from around the world liking and commenting on our photo’s which inspired us to keep on shooting. Now we can’t see ourselves doing anything different.

How would you describe each of your styles of photography?

We all have different styles. We’re not sure how to describe it but its adventure mixed with nature and landscape. Check it out and see what you think.

What inspires your about adventure photography?

Seeing amazing new places and  being able to share the beauty of the world with others to hopefully inspire their adventure.

Who was your inspiration as you developed as a photographer?

We have had multiple inspirations along the way. Some of our favorites are people like @dantom @mabdulle @tobyziff @markclinton.

How do you find working as brothers while out on a shoot?

Its super handy, you always have an model with you ready to pose or stand somewhere to make a photo more interesting. It also creates competition to drive us to take the best photo possible.

What do each of you look for when framing a photo?

We take notes of our surrounding, how can i play with composition to make something look bigger or smaller then it actually is. We also like to give a sense of scale in photo’s by adding a person in the frame.

How would you rate the camera on the iPhone 7?

Super, Phones are really pushing the limits lately. You can do almost as much on this as you can with your DSLR. It’s the perfect accessory.

Do you have any tips for capturing photos and editing them on your iPhone 7?

Don’t over edit photo’s. you don’t want to fully manipulate a photo. Only change what you think is necessary to create something natural and engaging.

What are your favourite apps and why?

VSCO and Snapseed, both have a lot of options with editing and amazing presets, we can almost get the same results as Light room and Photo-shop.

What weather conditions do you shoot in and how do you prepare for the worst?

We like to shoot In the golden light, the worst condition would just be overcast but then again you get creative cause your options are limited

What lens are essential for you?

The 24 or the 35 we use most of the time. Very common lenses good for nature and city. For photographing people we mostly use a 50mm.

How has your year been treating you so far, what have you been working on?

2016 has been a blast. We have published a book (depart – mendobooks) and worked on some other exciting projects such as this recent trip to Chamonix.

Where is on your list to shoot next?

Next up will be Durban, South Africa in the first week of January

What advice would you give someone looking to become an adventure photographer?

Explore everything. The photography skills will come as you do it more and more. Don’t just explore the known places  go somewhere no one has been before and capture it in your own way.


Follow their Living Proof Adventure over at lifeproof_europe.


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