Top European Heli-Skiing Destinations

Last week, we sent you on a journey to chase the best powder that you can reach by ski lift within Europe. This week, we’re stepping up the ante and sharing our favourite Heli-Skiing locations throughout Europe, these destinations truly are for the an adrenaline fueled adventure for those willing to push their abilities to the limits. The age old saying of the best pow is the one that no one has touched and with Heli-Skiing this is exactly what you get. Fresh, smooth and silky powder to carve.

There is very little in this world that beats being dropped off on a snow covered summit in a whirl of snow crystals, blowing around like a snow storm. As the helicopter leaves sight you are left with complete silence, this is the moment you take in the beauty and decide upon your dream route through the wide-open humanity-free powder fields.


Troll – Iceland

Offering some of the most raw and untouched landscape of anywhere in Europe, Iceland competes as one of the most mind blowing heli-skiing locations on the planet. Mixed between the harsh volcanic landscape this is truly a one of a kind experience.

While the summit heights within this region may not sound extravagant, but the top to bottom nature of the terrain makes for huge verticals and gnarly untouched runs that are better than much of North America.

With over 4000 square kilometers of breathtaking Arctic mountains rising directly out of the sea and terrain to suit every skier, this is the perfect location for everyone looking to push their limits.

Are you ready to tackle this landscape?


Photo Credit: Fredrik Schenholm 

Livigno Italy 

We added Livigno to the list as it offers the most affordable Heli Skiing throughout all of Europe. Starting at as little as €275 per person for two drops. Don’t take the low price as a guarantee for a basic skiing experience.

Your adrenaline will be pumping after flying over the Alps surrounding Livigno and being dropped off on the best alpine peaks that that are inaccessible from lifts.


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Riksgransen, Sweden 

The Nordic regions really know how to push their limits and explore the untouched. Located within the Artic Circle this is the largest wilderness area in Europe, with over 60,000 square kilometers available for you to tear up. With over 100 peaks ranging from red grade runs through to some of the gnarliest routes you’d see in the top ski movies. You are guaranteed to carve up the freshest powder on offer.

Pushing things even further, you have the opportunity to take off under the midnight sun and enjoy the endless summer of Sweden.


Photo Credit: Magnus Strand 

Marrakech, Morocco 

We know Africa isn’t in Europe nor is Africa known for it’s skiing let alone it’s heli skiing. Sand boarding is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of boarding in Africa. Luckily the scene is growing and it’s only a short flight from any major European airport. Ran by the experienced French ski company Evolution 2 they have already brought some of the the biggest names in free skiing to shred on the high Atlas.


Photo Credit: CNN 

Have you had the opportunity to shred during a heli-skiing adventure? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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