The Tempest Two Tackle The White Mountain | Part 2

Two years ago, James Whittle and Tom Caulfield were ordinary men, working 9-5 jobs, training to keep in shape and enjoying socialising at the weekend. One day, they jokingly said to each other that they should do something meaningful and challenging, something to break up the daily grind. This seed grew into the idea of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean unaided. Having never rowed a day in their lives, the challenge wasn’t just about surviving the journey, it was about learning a whole new discipline from scratch.  3,000 miles and 54 days later the pair had completed something extraordinary, unleashing a lust for adventure with a different perspective of life.

Knowing their boundaries and believing that anything is within reach with the right training and preparation, the duo have took on a new challenge with LifeProof: on September the 25th, James and Tom set out to tackle Europe’s highest mountain peak; Mont Blanc, France.

In the pair’s words, “the first day was a bit of a slog”. Unfortunately, as the pair arrived to the train that takes climbers to the halfway point of the mountain, they realised that they were the last climbers of the season and, subsequently, the rail line was closed. This was a setback, but one the team took in their stride.

The climb featured some huge challenges with storms rolling in. They battled through delayed onset muscle soreness from the recent climb of Gran Paradiso in Italy, but the team pushed through and proved that they are Living Proof that anything is possible once you have the drive.

With their LifeProof case to hand, the team were able to capture their epic moments throughout the journey without worry.

“Our LifeProof cases made life so much easier. For us, taking photos on our phones is pretty important, and knowing that it can sit in our pockets completely protected from the cold, rain, snow or whatever is thrown at us is huge. Our phones have not got a scratch on them, and they have crossed the Atlantic and summited a mountain in temperatures as cold as -10 C. That in itself is astonishing, considering we use them the entire time. 


Check out the second video in the two part series here and let us know what you think in the comments section.


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