Jonathan Paredes Dives For Glory

After a long, hard season, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series came to an end last weekend, when the world’s best cliff divers battled it out one last time under the lights of Dubai Marina. Team LifeProof athlete Jonathan Parades was focused and dived in his usual beautiful style to claim 3rd place in the final event, which secured him a silver medal for the season, right behind the unstopable Gary Hunt. Making a splash with his first season win, Andy Jones took home gold in Dubai. What a way to finish your second season as part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving family!

2016 has been a huge season for Jonathan Paredes both on and off the dive platform. He has managed to settle the nerves that troubled him greatly in 2015 and showed that he is a force to be reckoned with. We sat down with Jonathan for a quick Q&A to reflect on an incredible season.

Q. How does it feel to have stepped things up this year and take second place? What is your secret?

Jonathan. It feels amazing. Last year I finished in 3rd place overall, so I had pressure to come back and get the same place or dream of doing better. It means so much to me to have performed better than last year. I am just trying to be more confident within myself, it is difficult to deal with all of the pressure while you are standing on the board, especially when you are fighting for the top position. It’s still difficult for me, but I will continue to work on it for next year. 

Q. How are you feeling now that the 2016 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is over?

Jonathan. I feel great. It is such a relief to finish so well after such a long and demanding season. I couldn’t be more happy that I’ve finished healthy and the second place overall finish means the world to me. 

Q. Which of the stops stands out as your favourite this year?

Jonathan. For me it was definitely Texas as it was the first stop of the season and we all had to prove to ourselves what we are capable of. I took first place and that gave me much more confidence for myself and it was a great beginning to the season. 

Q. Who do you feel has brought their diving to the next level this year and will continue to improve?

Jonathan. I feel Michal Navratil was the best for me. He came from a surgery in the first half of the year and then came to Bosnia and Wales and won both, that is such an incredible accomplishment that we are all in awe of. 

Q. What is your plan for the off-season? Are you working on bringing some new dives to the table for the next season?

Jonathan. The off-season has already begun for me, there is no stopping. I have begun with my training and will continually work to improve the lead ups to my dives. I’ll be in Madrid in November then we will move to Mexico for December and finally a month in Dubai. It’s tough to travel so much but I really need to adapt my diving for many locations. I am planning to bring two dives for next year. The long off season is perfect for me as it will allow me time to perfect them for next year. 


Did you miss the action? Don’t worry you can check out the live stream right here:


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Header Photo Credit: Dean Treml/ Red Bull Content Pool

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