Essential Winter Gear Guide 2016

Winter is almost here, and rather than submit to the elements and head for hibernation, it’s time to kit yourself out with the essentials, blast free from the mundane and jump into an adventure. Winter brings with it endless possibilities for exploration, whether it’s tackling the biggest mountains and ramping off the peak with your snowboard or a snow camping adventure with the family, it is one you’ll need to be well prepared for.

To save you scouring the internet for days, we’ve done the job for you and brought together all of our favourite kit to support you on your next adventure.


Insulated Jacket

Keeping your core safe and away from the elements is the best way to ensure you enjoy your time outside. Tried and tested materials like natural down are the best insulators, but once they are wet they lack loft and will have little to no insulating capabilities. Will you get caught in rain or sweat a lot while wearing the jacket? If so maybe a synthetic material is better, its all down to your personal use. These jackets from The North Face are some of our favourites and are perfect for layering with a waterproof shell. Available in both male and female fits.

Left: Men’s Travail Down Hoodie

Right: Women’s Thermoball Jacket 


Wind and Waterproof Shell 

A good quality shell is essential to make sure your not clammy and uncomfortable while its raining outside. Columbia’s Omni-Wick is one of the best on the market and are the perfect partner for your down jacket.

Left: Men’s Evaporation Jacket 

Right: Women’s Evaporation Jacket 


Snow Boots 

We really agree with the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. This is so true when it comes to your boots. If you’ll be trekking through snow you’ll need to ensure that you have boots that are both waterproof and insulated. No one wants to arrive home to a touch of frost bite. You’ll have to make the personal choice based on your planned activity. If you’re planning to summit Everest we’d recommend something a bit more heavy duty than our tried and tested boots.

Left: Sorel Tofino Womens Boots 

Right: Addidas Terrex Conrax Male Boots 



Thermal Socks 

Socks that protect your feet are just as important for going out for a short walk as they are when you’re planning a through hike. Even a short trip to clear the ice off your car can cause some serious damage, especially if you’re in a polar vortex climate. These bad boys will keep you warm while you plan your trip and while you’re out on the mountain.

Below: JB Icelandic -30 Below XLR 


Thermal Gloves 

Hand in hand with your thermal socks, you’ll need a great pair of gloves to keep your hands moving while on the go. What you need will depend on your activity. If you’re hiking and don’t need the use of your fingers we’d recommend layering a fingered glove with a finger-less mitts to ensure you’re fully protected from the elements. But if you’re out ice climbing, you’ll need the use of your fingers to grip the ice pick, so make your decision based on the activities you’ll be undertaking. Our favourite for all around protection are Eddie Bauer Guide Trigger Mitts as they’re water repellent and offer two levels of PrimaLoft Gold insulation.

Below: Eddie Bauer Guide Trigger Mitts 


LifeProof Phone Case 

LifeProof equips you to go further, be seen, share your stories about extreme adventures and live a life without limits. Protect your phone with a LifeProof case to be sure that you can capture every moment of your adventure.


Hand and Feet Warmers 

Sometimes you need the extra warmth for your hands or feet, especially when your gear just doesn’t cut it. These Grabbers are well known on the ski slopes but can be used for any activities. With at least 2 hours of usable warmth for your digits from such a small package, you can be prepared for any adventure.

Below: Grabber’s Hand Warmers 


Insulated Flask 

The thermo flask is an essential piece of kit to help raise the mood of your group after being out in the cold all day. Nothing is better than a warm soup or tea while you take a break. The guys over at Hydro Flask have some brilliant insulated flasks to stop your drinks from freezing.

Below: Hydro Flask 16 oz Hot Drink 



As you really delve into the different sports and adventures, you will need to get some more specialised gear, but as a general rule of thumb these bits will get you started on your winter adventure. If you have anything you’d like to see here leave a comment below and we’ll do some research.


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Header Photo Credit: Jon Kedrowski

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