To celebrate our sponsorship and the outstanding athletes involved in the Shades of Winter free ski project we sat down with each of the athletes to chat through what the film means to them and what inspires them to get out every day to unleash their remarkable.

Third up in the series is professional Alpine Ski Racer and Olympic champion Julia Mancuso. Julia has been at the front of the pack since the age of 16 and has continued to rise through the ranks to become a dominant athlete in the female Apline Ski Racing. After coming back from her recent surgery Julia is well on her way to competing at the 2018 Olympic games. Her passion for the remoteness of back country slopes and deep powder are also a major part in the Shades of Winter’s BETWEEN movie.


“Skiing in Hawaii was always a dream of mine. Growing up just looking at the photos of the snow covered mountains, hearing about people skiing on the big island. I always thought that was something i needed to do. Then the opportunity came to join Sandra and the Shades of Winter crew…” 


Biggest Achievements: Olympic Medals: Gold 1, Silver 2, Bronze 1 / World Championship: Silver 2, Bronze 3

Ski Focus: Obviously races but also a passionate free-skier


Check out our interview to get the inside track on what makes Janina really tick…

Q. What was your first experience of skiing?

Julia. I remember just wanting to get on the mountain with my sister!  I looked up to her so much and I couldn’t help but dream of Skiing with her, then it became a reality.

Q. When did you know that you wanted to dedicate your life to skiing?

Julia. I always new I wanted to be in the Olympics from a young age, I didn’t know that it was something I would still be doing now.

Q. How did you meet Sandra Lahnsteiner and become part of the Shades of Winter project?

Julia. We were introduced by a mutual friend that knew how much I loved to ski 🙂  I guess we share that passion.

Q. What has been your favourite experience while filming the Shades of Winter movie?

Julia. I loved skiing in the sunset in Sweden and of course that will be a trip I never forget.  I got to spend some of Matilda’s last moments with her up there and that is just something that has impacted me so much. Loosing such an amazing friend and inspiration.

Q. What did it feel like to become an Olympic medalist?

Julia. It was the best feeling crossing the finish line and knowing that the path I chose was all worth it.

Q. What is your favourite location to ski?

Julia. Squaw Valley USA

Q. What’s your next big goal?

Julia.  I want to win another Olympic Gold Medal!


Be sure to follow Julia over on Instagram to keep up with her epic adventures.


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