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To celebrate our sponsorship and the athletes involved in the Shades of Winter project we sat down with each of the athletes to chat through what the film means to them and what inspires them to get out every day to unleash their remarkable.

Sixth up in our series is Swedish freeride star Evelina Nilsson. Growing up in Åre, Sweden and attending the Ski Academy with her older brother and sister, Evelina was destined to excel on skis. But it wasn’t until after she graduated that Evelina realised the opportunity to make a career in skiing was within her grasp. After deciding to do the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship and winning her future was set. Currently sitting in 6th in the Free Ride World Tour, Evelina is in a great place this year.  As a character she brings another great personality to the Shades of Winter production. Traveling the world in search of new adventures and always looking for an even better line are passions shared by both the skilled yogi from Sweden and Sandra Lahnsteiner, the creative visionary behind Shades of Winter.


“I am so blessed that skiing has opened up this world to me, where i can progress in every aspect of my being” 


Biggest achievement: 3rd place at Freeride World Tour Andorra 2016

Ski Focus: Big Mountain


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Q. When did you know that you wanted to dedicate your life to skiing?

Evelina. I knew two things really certain from when I was a kid, one was that I wanted to help people in some way. I dreamed about becoming a doctor and curing all illness in the world with a pill, that pill I now know to be love ♥! The other was that skiing was just something that I always loved doing and I wanted to ski all the time 🙂

Q. What is your life motto?

Evelina. Do or do not, there is no try.

Q. Where is your favourite place to ski?

Evelina. My home resort Åre!

Q. How did you meet Sandra Lahnsteiner and become part of the Shades of Winter project?

Evelina. I met her through our sponsor Peak Performance. It was at the Swedish premiere of Shades of Winter 2013. I remember thinking that she was such a cool person with so much power, like a jedi master. She asked me if I was up to some filming that coming winter and then I was in the lovely crew.

Q. What has been your favourite experience while filming the Shades of Winter movie?

Evelina. Wow, it´s so hard to pick out one. It´s just the whole journey of meeting amazing people all around the world. To develop as skiers and as friends together. Get close and be there for each other.   For me, it was my first filming experience with Shades, I can´t really put down in words how much it means to me. It feels like being part of something with so much love and dedication and just see how its expanded each year. Like a baby growing up!

Q. What has been your toughest experience in your skiing career?

Evelina. Hmmm… Life brings us a lot of challenges but I see these as mirrors. I would not be where I am without them so in that way they reflect me. We are the creators of our own experiences. I am both creator of the sun that is shining and the powder that is falling. To make an example: if I am to jump a cliff and I feel intimidated I see myself succeeding. I feel how it is to actually stomp it and also feel the joy of making it. When I think this way, it is more probable that I will stomp it. If I have a negative attitude towards jumping the cliff and maybe some doubts about myself, it is more likely that I will crash. Every challenge is ours to love so that we can grow from them. So I do try and be present in them every time they pop up. Before, it took me longer to realize this, that I will get stronger from this tough time. Now I try and see it from the start even though it can hurt. So maybe the toughest thing is to believe in myself all the time. And for me my skiing career is intertwined with all the rest of my life, it´s the same. So whatever mirror I get in life, it makes me grow as a being. Not only as a skier.

Q. Who was your biggest inspiration throughout your career?

Evelina. Who ever shines love and passion, I have so many people around me that inspires me. It could be the kid who just took his or her first powder turns or my dad hiking up with me and skiing a big line. It´s about their joy and positive attitude towards themselves and the bubble of good vibe they send out. But I´ve always skied a lot with my sister and brothers and they play a huge part in what I just described.

Q. What is your go to gear?

Evelina. Clothes, Peak Performance, shell jacket and pants with warm thermo underneath (good when you are hiking to be able to take off some layers). Skies, Fischer. Helmet and goggles Sweet Protection and Oakley. Whatever feels right for you, is the best you can use. Trust your instincts 😉

Q. Do you bring your phone with you while out on the snow?

Evelina. Yep I sure do, protected by my LifeProof case!

Q. Walk me through a perfect day in your life?

Evelina. Starting out with meditation, yoga and smoothie morning! Then up the mountains and play with friends. Get inspired and be inspiration. Ending with good food, a lot of laughs, dancing together with the northern lights under the stars! And maybe watch something from my favorite spiritual teacher Benthino Massaro.


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Thanks for tuning into our Shades of Winter Athlete series. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Between check it out here and stay tuned for the launch of the full video on Red Bull TV.

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