Red Bull Rampage 2016 | Recap

The 11th edition of  Red Bull Rampage brought together 21 of the world’s strongest and most innovative free-ride mountain bike riders to Utah last Friday.  LifeProof was proud to be a sponsor of this legendary event.

The riders and their dig crew arrived the week before the event to carve out fresh tracks in the Utah Desert. This year was special as the event returned to it’s roots, where the riders were presented with a completely raw landscape to traverse and mold into their perfect trail. Going back to the routes of the sport did bring with it some troubles. Without the wooden man built ramps, many of the riders took big hits as they were guinea pigging their hand built ramps. One close to our hearts is Team LifeProof athlete: Brendan Fairclough who jumped 49 of his 50 foot canyon gap and was too banged up to make it through to the final. Check out the brutal landing here:

After watching this video we’re in awe of Brendog’s route leading up to the huge canyon gap. The style he brings from his downhill career is mesmerising to watch. We’re sure he’ll be back in 2017 with a whole new run.

On the plus side, we witnessed some of the gnarliest tricks ever thrown down at Red Bull Rampage. Brendan Semenuk has completed his transformation from wonder kid to full blown sporting hero. Unleashing his incredible bike control and hurricane like speed, Semenuk took home first place with this run.

Biting at Semenuk’s heels was the fun loving Frenchman Antoine Bizet who came so close to landing the highest scoring Rampage run of all time in 2015. Returning with vengance Bizet landed Rampage’s first ever double back flip.

In his second ever Rampage Carson Storch came in like a seasoned rider to take an impressive 3rd place. Showing the speed and smoothness of Semenuk and the sheer brutality of Team LifeProof athlete Cam Zink when he landed the 360 mega drop.


To check out the full event head over to Red Bull TV to see the live stream from last week. Until next time Rampage!

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Header Photo Credit: Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

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