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Last weekend, Cologne roared as the LANXESS Arena came alive with 11,000 adrenaline-fueled fans for the 7th Round of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships, the longest running Freestyle MX competition series in the world!

Before the German round began, key figures were already missing from the rider list. Firstly, 18 year old Team LifeProof rider, Luc Ackermann, who broke his leg in preparation for Cologne, then Remi Bizouard broke his hand in training. During the training session at the Lanxess Arena, Maikel Melero floated a backflip and lost control of his bike at a height of 15 metres, taking a tough landing without the bike. With only a few bruises, the wiry Spaniard dusted himself down and was virtually unscathed.

The opening round saw three favorites eliminated from the event and the World Championship points were wide open. The riders began with a tough qualification round. This proved to be a real challenge for NIGHT of the JUMPs veterans, David Rinaldo and Rob Adelberg. First, Adelberg had a dead sailor in his run (a jump without scoring a trick) and then Rinaldo made mistakes with two tricks. The Aussie was able to save 6th position in qualifying, while Rinaldo had to settle for 7th, missing the final round.

The hopes of the local German crowd lay with Hannes Ackermann, Luc’s older brother, who was unable to make the dream comeback he had hoped for.  After a long injury, Ackermann opted for a safe run and finished in 8th position.

Overall, after a heroic battle and despite injuries, Maikel Melero (120 points) and Remi Bizouard (100 points) remain at the top of the overall World Championship leaderboard. Podmol was able to improve his overall positioning with this big victory. He stands in 6th place overall.

The LifeProof Best Whip was a face-off between Massimo Bianconcini and Marc Pinyol.  The Spaniard put everything on the line with a big Turn Down, but ultimately, Massimo held a big Turn Down in the final round and the judges agreed the Italian would win

“Incredible – winning the LifeProof Best Whip contest against young gun Marc Pinyol!”, Massimo Bianconcini .

For the riders, there are only a few short days to prepare for the next NIGHT of the JUMPs World Championship round in Riga, Latvia (15th October, 2016, Arena Riga).



NIGHT of the JUMPs/FIM Freestyle MX World Championship

Cologne, 8. Oktober 2016 – Round 7

Results NIGHT of the JUMPs – Final

  1. Libor Podmol CZE ACCR             Yamaha         385 Points
  2. Rob Adelberg AUS MA                 Yamaha         366 Points
  3. Petr Pilat CZE ACCR                     KTM              348 Points
  4. Leonardo Fini ITA PZM               KTM              335 Points
  5. Brice Izzo FRA FFM                      Yamaha         334 Points
  6. Davide Rossi ITA PZM                 Kawasaki       321 Points


Results LifeProof Best Whip Contest

  1. Massimo Bianconcini ITA PZM              KTM
  2. Marc Pinyol ESP RFME            Kawasaki


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