The NIGHT of the JUMPs World Series is Back

The second half of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship series is kicking off with the LifeProof-sponsored NIGHT of the JUMPs world series in Jerez, Spain on the 30th September.

Maikel Melero of Spain is currently sitting in 1st place on 120 points, while three-time world champion Remi Bizouard (FRA) on 100 in second. With such small gaps between the riders, the prize is still very much up for grabs during the second half of the season. Team LifeProof rider Luc Ackermann is sitting in 6th position, but fully intends to move up the ranks for a podium position.

A big change from last year is that the Spanish event won’t take place in the Bull Arena. This change was made with rider safety in mind. The open-top Bull Arena allowed for huge gusts of wind to enter the arena and catch the riders as they were at the peak of their jumps.  It’s definitely not a safe place to lose your balance, and with such small margins for error, we feel it was a great decision by the event organisers. With the event being hosted indoors this year, the athletes will be able to unleash every bit of their remarkable arsenals and they lay down tricks in front of the screaming crowds.

Fans of the World Series will be pleased to find the full roster for the second half of the year right here.

NOTJ Shenzhen_3223_24

For the third year in a row, the World Championship riders will return to Schenzen, China. This event will take place in the local football stadium on the 29th and 30th of October and provide two days of championship point scoring. After that, it will be straight back to Europe again for a return to Poland on the 19th November where the riders will take to Gdansk to perform their gravity defying moves.


The Grand Final for the 2016 season is set to be one of the most tightly contested events ever, and will take place in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. There is still a strong battle between all the riders for podium positions. However all eyes will be on the reigning two-time world champion Maikel Melero and three-time World Champion Remi Bizouard. We’re shouting for Ackermann to sneak in between the big battle and steal a podium position.

For more information on the series head over to NIGHT of the JUMPs


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