Red Bull Rampage 2016 Shakes Things Up

Red Bull Rampage is back for 2016, and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Red Bull has listened to feedback from both riders and fans to tailor the event to meet the needs of both.  With this epic new format, 2016 will be radder and gnarlier than it’s ever been before! If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 15 years, or you’re just not that into big mountain bike riding, and haven’t heard of Red Bull Rampage you should check out this video to get the low down.  It truly is the pinnacle event in free ride mountain biking and a must see for everyone.

Some of the key changes for 2016 to keep an eye on are:


The worlds best freestyle riders will once again take to the desert of  Virgin, Utah to compete in Red Bull Rampage 2016. There will be an all-new event zone where riders will have to sculpt their tracks from scratch, making for an exciting natural stunt playground. This brings the 2016 event back to the roots of big mountain riding. Get ready for some raw and gnarly tracks.


Photo Credit: Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool
No Qualifier

Rampage is the only mountain bike event where competitors not only have to ride some of the World’s roughest terrain, they also have to sculpt their track without the use of power tools. Each rider comes to Red Bull Rampage with a two man dig team, together they will scope the mountain to find the burliest route possible, with their eyes on the top prize. According to Red Bull, this year will there will be no qualifier.

21 Riders

With the top 12 riders from 2015 automatically making it through, we will see nine ‘wild cards’ who have been carefully selected by a panel of past athletes and community leaders. Wild card athletes have been selected based on previous merits and current media attention. The panel wants to see the fastest and biggest riders take to the stage.


Photo Credit: Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool


Weather Window

As Rampage is the wildest big mountain biking event in the world, safety is always a major consideration. Nobody wants to see a rider go down unnecessarily. This year, Red Bull has implemented a 2 day weather window to allow athletes to pick a safe time for them to ride.


As this event is completely unique in it’s format, the only people with the expertise to judge the event are past riders. They understand the layout and difficulty of each line. This year the judges panel will consist only of riders who have competed in a past Red Bull Rampage event. To us this is a huge step forward for the sport and we’re hoping to see some shake ups in the rankings as a result.


Be sure to tune in LIVE on Red Bull TV on Friday, October 14th to catch all the epic action.


Header Photo Credit: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool

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