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LifeProof is a proud sponsor of the 2016 World Lifesaving Championships which takes to the water from 1st – 18th of September in The Netherlands. At this event you will see the world’s best athletes hit the beach and pool battling the water to be crowned the best in the world.  Naturally there is a much deeper passion behind the games, linking back to making our pools and beaches safe for us to enjoy.

New to Team LifeProof is French Lifesaver Jérémy Badré. Jérémy has represented his country at the games in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2015 he took home the Gold in the Ocean Rescue Tube Relay and Bronze in the Rescue Medley Relay.

Badre’s goal for the coming year is to not only compete at The World Lifesaving Championships, but to win a Gold medal. Jeremy has made this dream come true with his performance in the obstacle relay which not only provided him and his country with a gold medal but he also broke the European record. Competing again today he hopes to bring home more medals.

Check out this beautiful clip as Jeremy shows off his mastery of the water.

Curious on what makes this merman tick?  Check out the Q&A below:

Q.) Tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to surf lifesaving? 

A.) I’m 26 years old, from Perpignan (in the South of France, close to the Spanish border) but I have been living in Montpelier for 5 years, here I have the French Surf-lifesaving National training center to train in. My Mum is a lifeguard and a swimming coach, she taught me how to swim when I was 3. I started swimming competitions at the age of 6 and I began surf lifesaving 8 years ago thanks to my swimming coach, Raphael RAYMOND.  I made my first French team in lifesaving in 2013 at the World Games in Colombia, we won a relay in the pool and then I became World Champion in 2014, in the same relay I broke the world record and at the last European championship (2015). To top it all off I have 6 French records. 

My swimming level is good, but I still need to improve to be in the French team (we have a pretty strong level in France in my main events, the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle), so my coach asked me 8 years ago if I would like to try surf lifesaving and I did it.

In a lifesaving competition you have a team of 6 competitors and you have to share all the events (6 individuals with 4 relays at the beach and 6 individuals with 5 relays at the pool), that’s why we need to be specialists, but also be able to compete at a good level on other races. I’m more of a pool rescue specialist. Lifesaving is an amazing sport which teaches you how to swim, how to save yourself and how to save the others. When you know that 372 000 people die every year from drowning, it’s something i care about and i would like to help to decrease by promoting our sport. 

Q.) What has been your toughest moment in your lifesaving career? 

A.) It was definitely in 2014, when I had a sprained ankle and broke a small bone. The damage was caused 3 months before the World Championship, during a beach training. I thought wouldn’t be able to compete, but I managed to pull through. 

Q.) Walk me through a day in your life while training for the Life Saving World Championships?

A.) We are in the last week of training before heading to The Netherlands, so training is later in the morning and easier, we train from 7.30am to 9.00 where we work on our lifesaving skills (individuals and relays), then enjoy a good breakfast, take a physio appointment at 11.00 to fix everything and recover, enjoy Lunch, take a little nap ( max 1h 30), then chilling, watching movies, going to the city and waiting for the last training at 6.30pm.

Q.) How do you use your LifeProof protected phone in your training? 

A.) I use my phone to record my technique, we then review out of the pool and receive feedback from our coaches and improve our swimming…so it needs to be waterproof!


Keep an eye on Jeremy’s performance at the games by following him on Facebook.


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