Extreme Sports Series – Drone Surfing

We love when technology and sports cross over and create epic new adventures and experiences. Right now this video of Dronesurfing is taking the Internet by storm, and for all the right reasons.

It’s like a crossover of kite surfing, surfing and skim boarding. Imagine when the wind is calm and the waves are flat, just grab your drone and head out and carve up some water. Check out this epic video for yourself right here:

This type of sport is still in its early stages, and the rider has to take a run up to get started, but he is under full tow once he is moving. We can really can see this growing in the future, especially with sports like kite-surfing, which really depending on the weather. On a flat day, athletes would still be able to get out and ride, maybe not freestyle but they’d definitely be able to carve and skim along the water.

What do you think is coming next in the extreme sports world?


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Alan Lund

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