Cycling Around The World On A Single Speed Bike

LifeProof-sponsored cyclist Markus Stitz is a huge fan of keeping things simple. He doesn’t think of himself as a hero or a record holder, just an adventurer in the purest sense of the word. With simplicity at heart,  he decided to cycle around the world on a single-speed bicycle, and carry every piece of gear that he’d need for the year on that bike.

“My appetite for simplicity and endurance has been steadily developing over the last five years,” says Markus. “I cycled from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, as well as lots of other really challenging routes, all in one gear on a bike worth less than £1000. A single-speed gives me simplicity and durability. Why switch back?”Says Markus 

We all dream of these challenges and always find a reason to push it off until next summer, but not Markus. He rallied together his sponsors and planned this epic adventure.

Taking off with a LifeProof FRE for his iPhone 6 Plus, and running a gear of 32×18 on his Surly Ogre bike, Markus left on his journey from Edinburgh on 3rd September last year and traveled 34,097 kilometers through 29 countries. Traveling through France, Spain and on to Iceland, taking a trip over to the US and traveling through to New Zealand, Australia and then through to Asia and then back into Europe through Germany, Ireland and finally back to Scotland.

The most amazing and life-changing part of the journey was when Markus entered Iran. Not knowing what to expect, and very nervous about traveling through the region, he was pleasantly surprised as he explains below:

“It is an amazing country with such a different culture. They would stop me to offer me tea. They welcomed me into their homes, and gave me a bed, or a space on the carpet. It is how they welcome strangers.”

The journey did have its ups and downs, as can be expected from such a long journey. But it was nothing that Markus couldn’t handle:

“Emotionally, I’ve been at my limits. I’ve had ups and downs, went from being high with joy, to almost collapsing at bad times, but nothing stopped me.” 

This adventure wasn’t about breaking records or impressing anyone. It was a personal challenge that demonstrates how everyone is capable of completing amazing feats of adventure.

“I am not sure if this has been a world first, but what counts for me is that I had an incredibly eye-opening journey through 26 countries, with no major issues.”

A huge congratulations to Markus on completing this challenge and hopefully inspiring many more to follow in his footsteps!

Be sure to follow Markus on his social channels to keep up with his adventures. TwitterInstagram, Facebook.


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