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Team LifeProof wakeboard athlete, Carro Djupsjö is the current 4x European Wakeboarding Champion.  As one of the heros of today’s wake scene she has travelled the world honing her skills in some of the most exotic locations, while tackling some of the most incredibly wacky and amazing wake parks. We caught up with Djupsjö to discover her Top 5 Wakepark spots – this is the stuff of adventure-holiday dreams:



If you haven’t heard about CWC you have been living under a rock! There’s no other cable park in the world getting more attention from the Pro Riders. So many of us spend several months during the wintertime at this unique park where all features are home-made and so creative. With it’s three pool gaps, many 2 tower systems and the full size cable it creates a huge variety in your riding. Not to mention you’ll definitely improve your Karaoke and dancing skills in the on site night club!



Ever since I first got to Anthem the same year they opened I have considered the staff and owners there “My Asian Family”. There is no other cable park on earth with a better vibe, weather you are a complete beginner or a professional rider you will be welcomed with open arms! Anthem is surrounded by the famous Thai beaches, delicious coconut curry restaurants and so many other things to explore off the water. Whenever I feel like I want to take some time off from pushing myself to the limit and just enjoy life for a bit – Anthem is my destination.



Recently opened in Austin, Next Level is just what I’ve been missing whenever JB and I stay on lake Travis to ride some boat. Only half an hour away is one of the highest and tightest cables in the US, run by passionate souls who love wakeboarding.  Anytime you head out there you never know when you will find a freshly built feature in the lake or some (veggie) burgers on the BBQ. Make sure you ask the owners of the park to take you country dancing for the real Texas experience, they will blow your mind! 😉



The first thing you see when you fly into Stockholm is the cable which is located right next to the airport. This park is the closest to my home and it’s always packed with some of my best friends! The Swedish summer is one of the best things in the world and being at this park on one of those glassy/warm days is incredible. Since  I love healthy food this is the perfect park for me as one of their vegetarian wraps on the back porch is exactly what you want after a long day of shredding.



Remember that huge white waterside that was blowing up the internet a few months ago? “The Royal Flush” is one of the attractions at BSR Cable Park but what I love about this cable is that it’s THE PERFECT PARK for learning! It’s full of features that will challenge you but that are also forgiving for when you wanna push your riding. After wakeboarding you can take a trip through their lazy river, relax in their natural hot tub or play some pool in the Texas style bar.


by Carro Djupsjö, Team LifeProof


What is your favourite wakepark?


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