Wake Up Stoked at Red Bull Cliff Diving, Azores

The lucky winner of our LifeProof Unleashed Summer Adventure Contest had the opportunity to attend the rawest form of  Cliff Diving at the Portuguese stop of  Red Bull Cliff Diving world Series at the Azores Islands last weekend and what an epic time she had!

Check out Miriam’s recap of the event here:

There is probably no better way to experience cliff diving in such a raw and natural scenery as the São Miguel island of the Azores in Portugal – which are the third stop of the LifeProof Sponsored Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2016.

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There was plenty of breathtaking moments during this event, where 23 of the world’s best cliff divers competed against each other. The event at the Vila Franca do Campo islet in the middle of the Atlantic delivered an adrenaline-fueled show in challenging conditions where the athletes were diving off those dramatic and brusque cliffs.

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For the third time this season, Jonathan Paredes hit the podium in the third place – behind Gary Hunt (1st) and Andy Jones (2nd). During my visit to the impressive island I had the chance for a quick Q&A with Team LifeProof athlete Jonathan Paredes regarding the event:

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Q: What’s special about the conditions here and what do you like or dislike most about it?

A: Conditions here are always tough. I love to be here because this place is simply beautiful, it’s just unreal. But talking about fear and respect – this is the place that I respect more than any other. I know that it’s going to be tough, every time we come here, but I have to keep it in my mind.

Q: When it comes to cliff diving, which moment do you enjoy most?

A: I think that the moment I enjoy most, is when I touch the water and see the scores – and especially when I see really good scores.

If you want to feel the essence of what cliff diving is like, this is probably the best tour stop to experience it. In case you missed this spectacular event check out the replay on: http://www.redbullcliffdiving.com/en_INT/event/azores-2016

Stay tuned to hear more about Miriam’s experience on the Azores Islands.


This is a guest post by adrenaline-junkie Miriam from Wake Up Stoked, a kitesurf blog for wind chasers and wave hunters. Follow her adventures on and off the board on her Blog, Facebook, or Instagram.
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