The 5 Best Apps for Mountain Biking this Summer

The rough terrain and blood-curdling speeds of Mountain Biking are not for the fainthearted. Nerves of steel are crucial when you’re careering down the side of a mountain at over 30 mph. If you think you’re up for the challenge then check out our five essential apps for Mountain Biking this Summer.

Runtastic Mountain Bike Ride and Route Tracker (Free – iTunes & Android)

If you want to tackle the best mountain biking locations around you should check out our recent post on Brendan Fairclough’s Top European Trails. However, if you’re looking for an adventure in your immediate area then the Runtastic Mountain Bike Ride and Route Tracker will help you pick the perfect spot. This app uses GPS to track the duration, distance and elevation gain of your ride, freeing you to focus on your riding.Our LifeActive mounting system is the perfect accessory to keep your phone mounted on your bike.

Free – iOS & Android

Trailforks – Mountain Bike Trail Map

Another way to find your perfect trail is to use the Trailforks App. With access to a database of over 50,000 trails you’ll never be short of ideas for your next challenge. The app also allows you to submit your own trail suggestions and view trails submitted by other users. This app is amazing as there are new trails popping up all over the globe so you can access the local expert tips through your trusty smartphone virtually anywhere.

Free – iOS & Android

AccuWeather – Weather for Life

Once you’ve decided on a location you’ll need to check out the weather conditions before you head out. There are many free and paid apps available which provide varying levels of information around the weather based on your GPS location. We find AccuWeather the best and more reliable, providing minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts hyper-localized to your exact location. This means you won’t be caught short by a sudden downpour and even if you are you’ll have your LifeProof case on hand to protect your device.

Free – iOS & Android

Bike Gear Calculator

Every dedicated mountain biker needs to have a bike that fits their needs. This app uses information such as gear inches, gain ratio, development and speed to ensure your bike is set-up right for you. You can submit your target time for a particular trail and the Bike Gears app will calculate the distance you will cover using a particular gear ratio and number of pedal rotations.

Free – iOS & Android

GoPro App

If you use a GoPro device to record your rides or races then the accompanying mobile app is essential. The GoPro app allows you to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your camera to get that Instagram worthy shot every time. With the latest Facebook Live features you can stream your epic adventures live to your friends and followers.

Free – iOS & Android

Now you’re fully set to hit the trails and share your epic adventures with the world. Don’t forget to use equip your phone with your favourite LifeProof case and accessories, using #LiveLifeProof for your chance to feature on our Instagram feed.

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