Pat Bowden | Makes History At Nitro World Games

After reaching several NIGHT of the JUMPs World Championship finals, holding on as undefeated LifeProof Best Whip Champion and winning the Xpilots Mexico City 2016, Pat Bowden brought his riding to a whole new level over the weekend at the Nitro World Games.

Over the past two weeks the FMX world was hyped about the rumours of Pat coming to Nitro with a new, never before landed trick. Under the training of Travis Pastrana a video was leaked of Pat landing a Ruler Frontflip on a crash pad, but no one expected him to bring it to an event so quickly!

Boy were they wrong, after two weeks of hard hits Pat came to the Nitro Worlds and with a perfect extension as he sticked the Ruler Frontflip in the Rice-Eccles Stadium and won the silver medal. The judges awarded Pat a whopping 94 points out of 100. The only rider to top this was Gregg Duffy from the US by landing a Double Frontflip.

Check out the full video of Pat landing the Ruler Frontflip


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Alan Lund

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