Team LifeProof Wakeboarder Carro Djupsjo is not only an incredible rider out on the park and behind a boat she is a  great wakeboarding coach and has teamed up with LifeProof to give you the lowdown on what it takes to land that ever elusive next trick that will bring your riding to the next level. Read on to hear from Carro talk you through how to learn a new wakeboarding trick:


My favorite thing in Wakeboarding is progression. There’s something so satisfying with setting up a goal for yourself, working hard towards that goal and then finally reaching it. There are many ways you can choose to do this but here are a few tips that usually work for me.


  1.  Write it down

When setting goals for yourself many studies show that you are more likely to achieve them if you write them down. In the start of this year I decided to give it a go and I bought a notebook specifically for that purpose. First I write down my long term goals, tricks I want to learn this season. Second I write down my short term goals, the tricks that are going to help me reach my long term goals and smaller improvements. I usually do this on a weekly basis an at the end of each week I review if I reached my goals and set new ones for the next week.

For example: One of my long term goals was to land a Backside 720 off a kicker. To reach that goal I needed to get my backside 5’s consistent so a short term goal was to learn new grabs on them to get more air awareness. At the same time I wanted to learn some easier rail hits making me get more board control. Every week when you go back and check off your small goals, they give you a sense of moving forwards and eventually that long term goal will be on this weeks ”to do list”. For me, it took me around 4 weeks to reach my back 7! 🙂


  1. Try it

A lot of the times the hardest things about new tricks is that they are very scary to try. Almost every wakeboarder I know, beginner or pro, struggles with this dilemma and there is no easy answer with how to get rid of your fear. This is how I choose to deal with it:

I tell myself at the start of the set, okay today I am going to try this trick. I don’t have to land it, I don’t even have to get close but I have to try it at least one time. If I try that one time and it feels horrible and terrifying then I don’t have to try again and I can still feel proud because I challenged myself to try something that intimidates me. I shut my brain off, and make myself give 100% that ONE time. Most of the time the tricks are way scarier in our head than they actually are to try so usually once you get that first go out of the way, you can keep going. On some occasions I choose to leave tricks after that one try as I said and do something else that day. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow or even next week but once you’ve tried once, you’re way closer to achieve your goal.


  1. Ask for help

Sometimes you get stuck and you don’t know what you are doing wrong. This is when you need your friends or a coach to tell you. Usually it is easy, people love helping other riders out and if you just ask someone (could be the cable operator or your boat driver) they will be happy to give you some tips. Other things you can do is ask someone film you with your phone, then take a break and look at it, sometimes what tricks look like are completely different to how they feel. Maybe you thought that your handle was a million miles from you but when you check the footage you can see that your fingertips are almost touching it.


  1. Try again…. and again

Don’t give up. If it were easy everybody would be doing it. Most tricks require us to try over and over again until we finally get it right.


Time to grab your wakeboarding gear and hit the park or wake to learn that next big trick. Be sure to share images and videos of you trying to land your next trick by tagging #LiveLifeProof.


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