Every Damn Weekend Tackle Tremezzo Bocchette Di Nava

The snow has cleared from the Italian mountain ranges.  Every Damn Weekend have dusted off their mountain bikes and begun to tackle some of Italy’s best trails. Nothing will let this team settle, adventure runs deep in their veins. On their latest adventure the team tackled Tremezzo Bocchette Di Nava. Widely known as the number one trail on the magnificent Lake Como, this route had been on the EDW’s list for a long time and they finally had the chance to tackle this monstrous trail.

Check out what the team had to say about the trail and take in some of the astonishing views below:

“The climb on this trail offered beautiful views as we climbed over rocky paths and wooded tracks while riding beside a cliff edge, looking down onto lake Como. Although there was a sheer drop right beside us, we felt at ease riding the trail. As we reached the top of the mountain we were greeted with trenches from WW1 and old artillery which had never been taken down. Our LifeProof FRE for iPhone 6 paired with the LifeActiv Bike Mount made for the perfect addition on our trek, aiding us in staying on the right track and keeping our phones safe.”

LR 4

Every Damn Weekend, Lake Como

“The second part of the trail was exhilarating, it’s a vertical canyon with a narrow trail on the inside leading you down. It’s super exposed and sketchy. Everyone was on the edge of their seat for the whole descent as even the smallest of mistakes could have made for a big disaster…we all made it through in one piece and were so hyped that we all agreed to come back very soon to tackle the route again.”

Every Damn Weekend, Lake Como

Every Damn Weekend

We’re excited to see what adventures Every Damn Weekend will tackle next. Stay tuned here.


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