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The Kiteboard Open (KBO)  2016 in Noordwijk, Nethlerlands last weekend was an absolute blast, we were excited to be a sponsor. Over the weekend we saw the best youth athletes from around the world come to compete in the Youth European Championships which was hosted at KBO for the first time. To top it off some of the best riders from around the world came to put on a show for the youth riders and to help them with their riding.

The Netherlands is known for having perfect wind conditions for kiteboarding and last weekend was no different. With two full days of strong winds the event hosted U18, U16, U14 boys and girls divisions. 59 riders put on a gravity defying show, wowing the judges.

Day 1 

On Day 1 we saw increasing winds, strong currents and waves battering the athletes, but despite the fierce conditions everyone pushed through and the first round of events were a huge success.

Asked to sum up the day’s action, the judges were reported as saying that the level of riding was excellent across the board.

Check out some shots from ExPix here, those conditions are seriously rough!

KBO 3KBO 2016 day 1KBO 2016 day 1 2

Day 2 

Weather reports for Day 2 were ideal, but in reality the conditions weren’t as great as expected. With a strong wind blowing onshore it created huge shore dumps, which really rocked our competitors. This saw many of the riders having some heavy crashes onto the beach. Check out the dumpy conditions from ExPix here:

KBO Day 2 2KBO Day 2


Two athletes to keep track of over the coming years are Pippa Van Lersel, Netherlands and Louka Pitot, France. These two riders are displaying amazing skill and flow despite their youth and should rise through the ranks if they keep pushing their limits.

Final KBO Results


  1. Nina Font (Es)
  2. Pippa van Iersel (NL)
  3. Senne Bruijn (NL)

Men U18:

  1. Louka Pitot (Fr)
  2. Romain Giuliano (Fr)
  3. Stig Hoefnagel (En)

Men U16:

  1. Tom Bridge (Uk)
  2. Nino Liboni (Fr)
  3. Maxence Chabloz (Ch)

Men U14:

  1. Oscar Perrineau (Fr)
  2. Joris Herrewijnen (En)
  3. Hugo Metton (Fr)


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