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The first stop of the LifeProof sponsored Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2016 is just around the corner and will take place in Hell’s Gate at Posum Lake, USA on the 4th June.  Prior to this epic season kick-off we sat down with Team LifeProof athlete Jonathan Paredes to get an insight into his off season and to give you the low down on what he is most excited about for the year. Check out the interview here:

Q. How have you been preparing for the up coming Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop in Texas? 

A. I have been working hard by training in Madrid, Spain. I’ve been training in the pool almost every day, it is brilliant here as I have all the facilities to train my lead ups. In general the off season has been brilliant, I have worked on many of my dives to perfect them for Texas. I am really excited to begin the season and see all the divers again. 

Q. Have you made any big changes in your diving in advance of the 2016 season? 

A. I have mainly been trying to deal more with myself, I’m trying to enjoy my diving. I am doing the sport that I love and trying to be a better person on the platform, controlling my nerves. I have focused on controlling my mind a huge amount during the off season and I’m ready to dive. We had a small change in the format of the competition, we now have to do one new dive during each competition. This is going to make the competition really interesting, we all have to look at the events differently and prepare differently, but I’m ready for it. 

Q. You’ve dived from the biggest waterfall in the world with Orlando Duque and Red Bull. What was the experience like? 

A. This has been the best experience in my life. It really is the only thing I can say. Victoria Falls is a serene place. You don’t realise what you are capable of until you are there. I had such a challenge with my mind while performing the dives, but I trust Orlando. This documentary will live with me forever, I never expected to be invited on the trip with Orlando so it was a huge honor for me. 

Q. What was it like to dive with Orlando Duque during the Smoke That Thunders? 

A. I would like to do more things with Orlando in the future, he is the legend of our sport and he is doing many extreme stunts around the world. If Orlando says it is OK to dive then I trust him. Hopefully we can try to do more together as no one knows when Orlando will stop diving. He has been such a great mentor for me and I’m looking forward to diving with him this year again. 

Q. What are you most excited for in the upcoming season? 

A. I’m really excited to compete and enjoy my sport but I really can’t wait to go to Japan. Orlando has told me that it is amazing as he has already made a helicopter jump there which looked so crazy. Then I am also excited to go to the Azores, in the four years that I have competed there I have brought home 2 medals, it is my most successful location. It feels like it is a really lucky place for me. I also have to go to Bosnia as the champion so there is a lot of pressure, but I am excited. 

Q. Who do you feel will be your biggest competition this year? 

A. This year we will have a really tough competition, the field is open for everyone with the new diving rules that have come in. I feel my biggest competition will be with myself, I have to deal with injuries, so much travelling with the addition of the new events this year, as well as my mind as I stand on the platform at every event. Every competition will be big for me. 

Q. Any last words of wisdom for an aspiring cliff diver? 

A. Many people are asking me this question, it excites me as it means we will have lots more athletes competing along side me in the future and the sport will grow quickly. Coming from Olympic diving isn’t as difficult as many people think, just trust your dive and you will be fine. Cliff Diving is an amazing sport as we can truly push ourselves to the limits. 


Be sure to check our Jonathan Diving live on Red Bull TV.


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