How to become an ÖTILLÖ Champion

Known as the toughest one day endurance race the world has to offer, we’re proud to be a sponsor of the  ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships. In the past the race has attracted mainly special forces, IronMan champions and Ultra marathon runners. Since ÖTILLÖ has picked up attention in the media as the most hard-core race around, people from all walks of life are adding it to their bucket lists and dreaming of competing. In 2015 Pippa Middleton completed the race in just over 13 hours and Swedish rap star Petter Alexis Askergren completed the race in 2014 and 2015 so it’s a very achievable goal.

Are you ready to join the battle charge? Check out our guide on how to race in  ÖTILLÖ:

Partner Up

Find a training partner that is willing to push themselves to the limit alongside you for the grueling and rewarding challenge ahead. Competing in ÖTILLÖ will be a memory that will last with you forever. It is rare to find a race so demanding yet so rewarding.


Train Day and Night

This isn’t the race that you begin with and we don’t have the ultimate couch to ÖTILLÖ guide. But…we can help you set your goals, this race  should be your ultimate goal over the next two years. Maybe you’re already a seasoned Ultra Marathon runner or Triathlon competitor; in this case you are ready to dive right in and apply. If not you’ll need about 2 years of endurance training to prepare mentally and physically for this grueling, but incredibly rewarding challenge. As time grows closer the key is to tailor your training to the race, so that means swim 1km, run 10km and repeat all while wearing your full race day gear. Your phone is the perfect tool to track all of your outdoor activity, just be sure to protect it from the water with a LifeProof  FRĒ case.

Professional Analysis

As efficiency is key to getting you and your partner over the line, it is highly recommended to have your swimming and running technique analysed, tweaking it to pre-race perfection. You’re  going to be competing for 12 hours, any slight relief will be a great help to get you over the line and reduce the risk of picking up injuries.

Otillo Swim

Compete, Compete and Compete Some More

Again if you’re already training and competing at a high level you can skip this point. ÖTILLÖ is a competition and you’ll need to understand the mind-set of competing. Get out and race in some triathlons, marathons – learn to push your body and mind to the limit while under pressure. This will really help when it comes to the last hours of the race where you’ll dig deep for those last bursts of energy.

Gear Up

Running and swimming ÖTILLÖ in your normal triathlon gear really isn’t going to cut it. The basics to step foot on the course are: full wetsuit, swimhat, map, compass. bandages and a GPS device to stop you from getting lost. In addition to this we’d recommend goggles, hand paddles and some flotation aids to keep your hips above water as you become fatigued.

Otillo Gear


Gaining entry directly into ÖTILLÖ is an achievement in itself. If you’ve a strong racing CV, you may be accepted based on merit alone. For the majority of people looking to compete, you may not have a strong racing history – if you’re in this situation apply to one of the ÖTILLÖ qualifiers and it’s as easy as finishing in the Top 3…

  1. ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN UTÖ – May 29th
  4. ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN 1000 LAKES – October 23rd

Be sure to share your training experiences with us on social by tagging #LiveLifeProof. If you have competed in an ÖTILLÖ event in the past, be sure to share your tips in the comment section below.


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