2 Elements. 1 Race

We’re stoked to announce that LifeProof is sponsoring Elements Race 2016, based on the breathtaking island of Sardinia, Italy. For the first time in the history of off-road rally and sailing, the two sports will become one. Creating an adrenaline fuelled 4 day endurance race, pushing even the most extreme athletes to the brink of their limits.

This is a new frontier in the world of adventure competitions where a new breed of athletes will be born. Each team member will need to have skills in either Rally Driving or Sailing, both would be a huge advantage. Pushing themselves to the limits, teams will compete in a ranking system on and off the water.

Each team will use a LifeProof protected device as their navigation system on both the rally vehicle and sailing boat. It really is the perfect device protection for this new sport.

As the teams take to the water on the first day they will have a free day of sailing to hone their skills and get familiar with the course pre-race.

On Day 2 teams will be challenged to race against the clock, beginning in Porto Pallo looping around the smaller islands near the port. The course and number of laps will be designated on the day depending on weather conditions.

Race Days 3 and 4 will all focus on the off-road tracks of Sardinia as teams take to the vehicles to tackle the rally stages, where they will compete over 130km of rough terrain with a dizzying elevation gain of over 2,500 ft.

Want to get involved? Head over to: www.elementsrace.com  to get signed up.

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