NIGHT of the JUMPs, Munich | Recap

Saturday saw 11 riders from 6 nations storm the Bavarian capital for the sixth edition of LifeProof sponsored NIGHT of the JUMPs, Counting as the 3rd round of the European FMX Championship for 2016. Not only did we see a ferocious display of two wheeled daredevils, the Austrian Gerhard Mayr brought the first backflip in a 650kg buggy to Munich, sending 10,000 spectators wild!

Buggy Flip LR

Qualifications were a tense bout of action, seeing Hannes Ackermann crash out during a Double-Up Volt which ended his tournament dreams. David Rinaldo shocked the Munich crowd by throwing down two new tricks, the Deady Body Flip and then directly into a Lazyboy Flip, pushing him into first place. Closely followed by Remi Bizouard in 2nd and Libor Podmol in 3rd.

The LifeProof Best Whip was a battle between Marc Pinyol, Remi Bizouard and Luc Ackermann. In the end Marc Pinyol stole the show with some huge whips that left an easy decision for the judges.  Pinyol was stoked with the win as he failed to make the final, after returning from a long break due to injury.

“I am really stoked to ride my first event in several months and win the LifeProof Best Whip contest. I know that I am not at a 100% after my injury but it seems that my Whips are on point again.” Marc Pinyol


Team LifeProof Athlete, Luc Ackermann brought a blistering display of tricks to the Olympic Halle. Building upon his cracking qualification run by laying down two extra tricks, the Egg Roll and the California Roll. With 374 points, it was enough for the 18 year old to take home 3rd place, making this his first podium of the year, leaving him in 4th place overall.  Ackermann is in a solid position to move up the ranks.

“I am so pumped about my 3rd place. I have practiced so much in the last weeks and it paid off. All my new tricks like Open Loop and California Roll felt so safe. Can’t wait to ride the final of the European Championship at NIGHT of the JUMPs in Mannheim.” Luc Ackermann

Luc LR

The finals brought about a huge shock, for the first time in 10 NIGHT of the JUMPs competitions, the reigning World Champion, Maikel Melero wasn’t able to oust the other riders after an uncharacteristic mistake, which saw him knocked out of the race.

Libor Podmol was firing on all cylinders, bringing together an array of perfectly executed tricks to take home 1st place.

Podium LR

The final of the European FMX Championships will take place on May 21, 2016 at the NIGHT of the JUMPs event in Mannheim, Germany.

Check out all the results below:

Results NIGHT of the JUMPs – Final

  1. Libor Podmol CZE ACCR            Yamaha         414 Points
  2. David Rinaldo FRA FFM              Yamaha         404 Points
  3. Luc Ackermann GER DMSB           Husqvarna     374 Points
  4. Remi Bizouard FRA FFM              Kawasaki       372 Points
  5. Leonardo Fini ITA OSK              KTM              317 Points
  6. Maikel Melero ESP RFME            Yamaha         190 Points

Results LifeProof Best Whip Contest

  1. Marc Pinyol ESP RFME            Yamaha
  2. Luc Ackermann GER DMSB           Husqvarna

Maxxis Highest-Air

  1. Jose Miralles ESP RFME            KTM              8,50 Meter
  2. Maikel Melero ESP RFME            Yamaha         8,00 Meter
  3. Luc Ackermann GER DMSB           Husqvarna     7,00 Meter


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