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LifeProof FMX Athlete Luc Ackermann has started the 2016 season off with a bang by landing the ever elusive Cali Roll at Night of the Jumps. With even bigger things planned, the 2016 season is set to be an exiting one for the young wonder. We had a chance to sit down with Luc and get an insight into his plans for the 2016 season, check out his Q&A here:

Q: You’ve started off the season strong by throwing down the Cali Roll. What’s next?

A: Yes, I was pretty pumped to stick the Cali Roll in Linz. I have worked on it for nearly half a year. I have some other tricks in mind, but you will have to wait to see them in action!

Q: What is the process of learning a new trick, how do you go from visualisation to performing a trick?

A: It starts in your head. You have it in mind, how it should look. Then you start to try it in the foampit. Maybe with a pitbike. You do it 100 times, my dad or brother usually record it for me and I’ll analyse the video. What is wrong, what is good? Then I go again to the foampit. And when it’s nearly done perfectly in the foampit, you are  ready to try it for real on dirt. 

Q: What’s your main goal for the 2016 season?

A: That’s a good question. Of course not getting injured is my main goal. But in the European Championship of the NIGHT of the JUMPs i want to get on the podium again. And reaching my first FIM World Championship podium would be really cool too. 

Q: Who do you feel will be your biggest competitor this season?

A: Oh a couple of guys are big competitors. Maikel Melero, David Rinaldo, Rob Adelberg and Remi Bizouard are all in pretty good shape. Also, my brother Hannes is riding so well in the last contests. 

Q: How are you feeling after the first few events?

 A: It started pretty well. The first day at The NIGHT of the JUMPs in Basel was my best qualification run ever. If I had landed the Cali Roll some of the judges had me pretty much at the top of the qualifier. I have to focus on this run and nail my Cali Roll. 

Check out Luc take to the air here:

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