Extreme Sports Series | White Water Kayaking

White water kayaking is the rawest and most exhilarating form of the sport, where athletes tackle the immense power of white water rapids while sitting in an enclosed kayak with a double sided paddle to navigate rapids and keep their head above water.

Kayaking originated around 8,000 years ago along the Siberian coast line when the indigenous Yupik, who are closely related to the Alaskan Eskimo, used open kayaks to travel and hunt. It wasn’t until 1973 that the sport as we know it today took off when Tom Johnson developed the first Polyethylene boat, which was virtually indestructible and was affordable for the general public.

This extreme form of kayaking has since gained mass appeal and has been featured in the Olympic Games as White Water Slalom. At the Olympic Games racers attempt to make their way from the top to the bottom of a sectioned-off river as fast as possible while travelling through gates.

As white water kayaking is highly demanding on the athletes, they can only run short sections of the river (1km) before disembarking to rest before re tackling the run. Would you ride a kayak down rapids like these?

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