NIGHT of the JUMPs Berlin | Event Recap

Over 17,000 spectators watched the Freestyle Motocross action in awe at the LifeProof sponsored NIGHT of the JUMPs, Berlin this past weekend which culminated in another rip roaring win for Maikel Melero!

The home riders, German brother-duo, Luc and Hannes Ackermann demonstrated hugely solid form. LifeProof athlete Luc got the crowd going early bringing some of his biggest tricks in the game to his run including the Surfer take off to Tsunami Flip, the 360 and Flair to make it to fourth place taking him into the finals! Luc went on to miss the podium through the narrowest of margins after an awesome start and a run comprising the Flair, Surfer Tsunami Flip, 360, Seat Grab Flip and One-hand take off Tsunami and California Roll in the Double Up!

In the end nobody had what it took to overtake Maikel Melero and stop his 2016 Series domination, this win gives him his fourth World Championship win in a row!

Here’s how the championship stands after the fourth round!

  1. Maikel Melero ESP RFME Yamaha 80 Points
  2. Remi Bizouard FRA FFM Kawasaki 70 Points
  3. David Rinaldo FRA FFM Yamaha 62 Points
  4. Rob Adelberg OFF MA Yamaha 56 Points
  5. Petr Pilat CZE ACCR KTM 48 Points
  6. Luc Ackermann GER DMSB Husqvarna 39 Points
  7. Pat Bowden OFF MA Yamaha 35 Points
  8. Jose Miralles ESP RFME KTM 35 Points
  9. Brice Izzo FRA FFM Yamaha 21 Points
  10. Marc Pinyol ESP RFME Yamaha 16 Points
  11. Hannes Ackermann GER DMSB KTM 12 Points


Dara O'Donavan

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