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Luca Zanette, Luca Zattoni, Francesco Salamone  and Federico Chiappino are the brains behind the LifeProof sponsored Every Damn Weekend web series. The team pair up every weekend to plan a new adventure, exploring untouched locations and free-skiing fresh powder.  The locations so far explored boast some of the best free skiing in the world such as: Marbre, Mont Colmet, Crevacol, Tour Ronde with much more to come.

We had the chance to sit down with Luca Zattoni and get an insight into what inspired them to create the web series.

What inspired you to create the Every Damn Weekend video series?
Luca Zanette and Federico Chiappino had the original idea of a web series about free riding and steep skiing in the Alps, the place where skiing and alpinism were born. Our goal is to inspire other people to get outdoors and enjoy life!

What is the best part about your adventures?
The best part of mountain life is meeting people, there are some great individuals out there, incredible people that I’m proud to have met and lucky to be friends with.

What is your favourite part about exploring new locations?
The most interesting part is the exploration itself. The sense of not exactly knowing where you are heading is that little spice that we look for in each of our trips.

What has been the toughest experience?
My weirdest experience happened last year, some friends and I got lost while off piste where we’ve skied hundreds of times, but because of the snow and fog we lost our sense of direction. We were hit by some small avalanches, we were really scared. It took us 6 hours to arrive home instead of half an hour…

How do you pick your locations?
Now it’s quite easy to pick locations thanks to all the information that you can find on Facebook, Instagram or on the Internet in general. For the places that I live in or know well, I study the mountain and I look for ski-able lines. When I’m sure that the snow is good we leave the town and start skiing.

What is the most unique place you have Skied/ Snowboarded?
I think that could be the south face of Punta Dufour, top of Monte Rosa (4634m). It’s an incredible and wild place!

How does LifeProof help on these journeys?
LifeProof help us to protect our phones so that we can carry them on the mountains to take photos and videos or to call someone if necessary!

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